Car Trouble

I dropped my car off this morning because the low tire pressure light kept blinking on and off and the air in the tires was fine. Been that way for about a week, but I didn’t want it to suddenly be right about a low tire and not know. I dropped it off at Christian Brothers Automotive, good company that has taken care of my car for a few years now.

I purchased the car from CarMax and bought a service plan when I bought it. When COVID struck they closed the service department at CarMax and I had to find an alternative approved location – Christian Brothers Automotive was the place. I suppose they’ve probably opened up the service department again since Covid first entered the scene, but I’m just comfortable now. It helps that Christian Brothers Automotive is close to work, whereas CarMax is a little further away.

It’s $79 just to diagnose the problem. I told them the problem, but they have to use computers or have an expert look at it I guess.

I dropped the car off at 7:30, got a ride to work from their shuttle service, but I didn’t hear from them until around 12 that my car was being looked at. It was 1:30 before I received the news of what was wrong – the left rear tire sensor stopped responding and that was causing the light to blink on and off.

Christian Brothers did a full look over of FourTwoMe (my car) and discovered some other issues.

Air Filter needs replacing
Fuel System Induction needs serviced
Torn lower engine mount bushing

The total to fix everything was over $1000. Which I don’t currently have. So I opted to just have them fix the broken sensor and that alone is $375. I approved the work to be done and I will schedule for the other work to get completed in a few weeks when I have a little extra cash flow.

So I waited and waited and waited and it was approaching 4:30 and I hadn’t heard from them. I was getting worried. Then I finally got a text but it was bad news:

“we had to order the sensor for you car and we have it completed tomorrow for you”

So I called the shop, “Can I pick it up tonight and drop it off again in the morning??”

Well of course not, they’ve got it all torn apart and would have to put it back together and then take it apart again…. so it’s fine.

So my next dilemma was getting home from work. How was I going to accomplish that? Well I asked a friend who I had given a ride to before that lives just 2 miles from where I do… she said no…. too tired. Whatever. Another friend volunteered, but it would be 30 minutes after my regular time to go home so I said I would if I couldn’t find something sooner. My manager volunteered, and I live way out of his way.

So the manager gave me a ride home and when I got out of his truck, I dropped my phone and didn’t notice…. until he had driven a good 15 minutes and he found my phone. ugh. Well fortunately and generously he came all the way back to give me my phone. He’s a nice guy.

It wasn’t the best day. Had a big deal fall through and all the car nonsense…. but tomorrow is another day and another chance for another sale or two.

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