Special Notice

This is a special notice, that should be brought to the attention of anyone you think may need to know.

WOMEN: For the love of God, quit wearing half a bottle of perfume. If I can smell your perfume on the other end of the train, that is way way way too much. There is an article in the link that talks about women being depressed and that leading to a decline in their olfactory abilities. OK, fine… all women are nuts, go see a psychiatrist.

MEN: Ok, it’s rare that a man or boi will wear too much cologne, but it has been known to happen. Usually, they are so drugged up they don’t even know they have a small piece of toilet paper on their shoe… so there is just no helping them. Men should though – wear something that doesn’t make people gag when they meet… clean up a little bit please

The 20 Year Dinner

Wow, it was nice to see the old friends who made it. I had a great time. Rosy, Eric, Ted, and Mark all made it. Rich and Brad had things come up that didn’t allow them to come. It was a nice dinner, filled with old stories, old friends and good food.

I really hope we have a chance to do this again next year and every year there after.

20 Years

Its hard to believe it’s been 20 years since I graduated from High School, hell it’s hard to believe that I graduated period. This weekend I will meet about 6 of my friends from back then, most of whom I’ve actually seen in recent years.

Its funny looking back at our fears and schemes, where we all are at now never entered my very vivid imagination. Some of us, sure, we did exactly what we set out to do on paper, but the rest of us changed the entire spectrum of our lives to meet the hand that was dealt to us.

Career military personell, a politician, an office manager… these are what became of those people that I once referred to in the school paper as “Outcasts”, we’ve actually become part of society.

I’m nervous, which makes no sense at all, as I said I’ve seen most of them individually over the years, but its been 20 since we’ve all been in the same room. What memories still rattle in our heads that need to come out, what funny stories will we hear at dinner that we wish we could forget, but don’t really want to. I’ll likely swear a lot, and there will be teenagers present (like teenagers don’t know swear words or something).

Twenty years ago all I wanted to do was drink, drug and die (that is not an exaggeration), to think of all that I would have missed out on… would have been a real shame to check out early. I hope my friends feel the same way, I hope we all have a good time and do this again every year.

The Dark Knight

I went in with my expectations high. All the hype leading up to this movie put a lot of pressure on the film makers to deliver.

There was not one moment looking that I could see even a glimpse of Heath Ledger, all you had was a dark, twisted, sometimes funny mad man terrorizing Gotham City. His performance was chilling, creepy and consuming.

It wasn’t just the Joker that made this film spectacular. The writing, intensity, the twists and turns that kept you guessing. They had some very interesting takes on humanity that really shocked everyone.

This is my new favorite movie of all time. I cannot express in words how much you need to see this film.

Gas Prices… Where It Really Hurts

Gas prices should not affect me… I should, as a pedestrian/mass transit user, be completely immune – But I’m not.

I finally recognized what it was last night. The tons of people that don’t know how to use the turnstiles at the metro, the people with oversize bags – looking like they could be mugged at any second, the people that don’t wait for people to come off the train before boarding…

Yes, I’m talking about the sudden influx of passengers onto my buses and trains. These people follow the rules less than the teenagers, these people need to go.

PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU… FIX the price of gasoline, get these people back up on the highways and byways where they belong and off of the relatively quiet, orderly subway.

My Blood Will Be the End of You!!!

… the title of this post comes from one of the bosses in WoW (www.worldofwarcraft.com) my video game… and well..

My cholesterol wont go down. I test the same for my cholesterol whether I’m doing spinning classes three times a week or sitting on my behind playing video games 24 hours a day… nothing makes it better.

So… I’m going to take a pill for 4 months to see if that helps.

Disclaimer: My cholesterol levels aren’t “Run to the emergency room and get a transfusion” bad, just “Oh, wow… this could be bad in 20 years” bad. So don’t panic.


The other night I had a date at the theaters near Chinatown metro. I came straight from work and realized that I might want to buy a mint or something for my breath. Remembering that the CVS is being remodeled and therefore closed, I walked across to the Starbucks to buy a small tin of mints. When I walked up to the register to pay for them, the cashier looked at me and said:

“You came all the way over here for mints?”

I looked up at him and said:

“Yep, I have a date and don’t want to have bad breath when she gets here.”

“she”… wow… so in a split second there at the register I somehow found the need to conceal who I really am. Isn’t that odd.


My best friend Suzanne was recently telling her boyfriend about me. She said “He’s gay”. I wasn’t there, but he must have rolled his eyes or something, cause she said: “You can’t really tell.”


It was always one of those little things when I was a kid:
Don’t hold your hands that way.
Never ever let a limp wrist show.
Make sure you don’t walk like a girl, talk like a girl or drool at boys like a girl.

What does that do to the inside of your mind growing up if you can’t be who you are, can’t express what you really feel. Its odd to think of these things now, but it’s what’s on my mind.