Gas Prices… Where It Really Hurts

Gas prices should not affect me… I should, as a pedestrian/mass transit user, be completely immune – But I’m not.

I finally recognized what it was last night. The tons of people that don’t know how to use the turnstiles at the metro, the people with oversize bags – looking like they could be mugged at any second, the people that don’t wait for people to come off the train before boarding…

Yes, I’m talking about the sudden influx of passengers onto my buses and trains. These people follow the rules less than the teenagers, these people need to go.

PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU… FIX the price of gasoline, get these people back up on the highways and byways where they belong and off of the relatively quiet, orderly subway.

2 thoughts on “Gas Prices… Where It Really Hurts

  1. at least you have subways! We have a republican county executive that killed the limited public transport that we did have. The jerk.


  2. We each commute half an hour each way every day now. If they close our bridge again (because it is more important to fix bridges in Iraq then in MN) our commute triples! Nice policy Republicrats! They are all clueless.


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