20 Years

Its hard to believe it’s been 20 years since I graduated from High School, hell it’s hard to believe that I graduated period. This weekend I will meet about 6 of my friends from back then, most of whom I’ve actually seen in recent years.

Its funny looking back at our fears and schemes, where we all are at now never entered my very vivid imagination. Some of us, sure, we did exactly what we set out to do on paper, but the rest of us changed the entire spectrum of our lives to meet the hand that was dealt to us.

Career military personell, a politician, an office manager… these are what became of those people that I once referred to in the school paper as “Outcasts”, we’ve actually become part of society.

I’m nervous, which makes no sense at all, as I said I’ve seen most of them individually over the years, but its been 20 since we’ve all been in the same room. What memories still rattle in our heads that need to come out, what funny stories will we hear at dinner that we wish we could forget, but don’t really want to. I’ll likely swear a lot, and there will be teenagers present (like teenagers don’t know swear words or something).

Twenty years ago all I wanted to do was drink, drug and die (that is not an exaggeration), to think of all that I would have missed out on… would have been a real shame to check out early. I hope my friends feel the same way, I hope we all have a good time and do this again every year.

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