Crime and Punishment

A terrible crime has been committed, a stab into the heart of true art, a destruction of true taste.

“E” Entertainment has reunited Paris and Nicole (the two with absolutely no talent-of course I never saw the porn video) for another season of The Simple Life (See Post Article). Another season of two ditzy girls making fun of the average American family, this is worth spending time on? Another season of “Daisy Dukes” and other scraps of clothing that pretend to be fashionable.

Proper punishment for “E” is hard to come up with, they’ve assaulted taste and good sense. I know, lets make the producers of the show watch all the shows that attempted to replace Seinfeld and Friends. Or make them spend time on the “career” of the failed American Idol contestant Corey (you remember, the guy who claimed to have slept with Paula) … nope, can’t do it, they’d give him a TV show.

News like this makes me so very happy I gave up TV.


My neighbors alarm clock has been going off since Wednesday.

At first it’s funny-he forgot to turn off his alarm, the moron.

Then you realize that noise will be going off for the entire holiday weekend.

You’re lying in bed at 6:00 a.m. on Friday morning when =buzz= you hear his =buzz= alarm =buzz= kick =buzz= in =buzz= again.

The nap you wanted to take on Saturday =buzz= is =buzz= not to =buzz= happen =buzz= as =buzz= here =buzz= is that =buzz= annoying =buzz= sound =buzz= again.

Where is a sledgehammer when I need one?

Priest Policy

The Vatican is so wonderful and forward thinking, banning candidates from the priesthood who “practice homosexuality” [see link Post article here]. I could still be a priest then, cause I don’t practice anymore… don’t have to I’m really good at it!!!

But, imagine if you will the Human Resources department of the Vatican at the hiring stage for a priest.

HR Director: “Are you gay or do you practice homosexual acts?”
Potential Priest: “No, I am neither of those things.”
HR Director: “Good, good, we wouldn’t want to ban you from the priesthood. You’re obviously a very devout Christian.”
Potential Priest: “Thank you Father, I try to do the Lords work.”
HR Director: “You are all set to sign up for priesthood, lets get you the benefits package information. Do you wish to enroll in the Child Molestation package? This allows for us to remove from your paycheck each week a small sum to help pay for payoffs for any children we may seduce or rape.”
Potential Priest: “Yes, please enroll me in that package, I can hardly wait to get my hands on all the young altar boys and girls.”

OK, this may be a little extreme, but here is the issue: HOMOSEXUALITY and PEDOPHILIA are NOT the same thing. The Catholic Church has issues with grown men taking advantage of small children SEXUALLY, and then paying off the families later. These priests get moved from congregation to congregation, I guess when they get tired of the kids they are raping and want some fresh meat….

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again… Since the Church is in denial about these things it is time for the people of the church to demand their priests start wearing condoms when they molest their children, at least keep the children from catching sexually transmitted diseases.

Leave your child alone with a priest at your own risk folks, unless your hoping for a big payoff later.

Turkey Eve

Happy festivities to all of you, hope you all eat entirely too much and have a wonderful time with your family.

Try to remember my philosophy:

“It’s not a real holiday unless someone cries”.

Wind Blown Rainbows and Butterscotch Dreams…

My umbrella was destroyed in today’s wind and rain-bent and battered it still managed to block the wind and rain. It was my rainbow umbrella, I loved to spin it in a circle and it always made the song Singing In The Rain come to mind. Today we mourn the loss of another rainbow.

“After two years without scotch, your much butter!!!” Butterscotch, get it lol… too funny.

So, the computer instructor would really like me to sign up for some kind of teaching here at TCC, he says he has too many classes to instruct and they are always looking for good people. He says they would probably take into account work experience in the case of teaching computers. He made some reccomendations that I will consider pursuing. You need to remember, writing pays diddly til you’re “somebody”.

A woman in my Math class (out of the blue) says: “So, are you going to get involved in the drama program this spring?” Wha…? We’ll see, it has been almost twenty years since I’ve done any real acting (pretending to be interested in certain medical professionals banter doesn’t count) and I’m not sure how it would go over.

Whole Grain Rumors

The rumor mill is spewing information that the reviewing committee for The Channel Marker (TCC’s Spring collection of Student Literature) is very impressed with my submissions.

They do; however, think I’m of African-American ethnicity… It’s the way I spell my name: Jamez

How I hate to disappoint!!!


I’m in a position that is unfamiliar to me, between two people that want a divorce. I know and love both people, and have known them as a couple for about ten years now. There is no violence, adultery, lying, stealing or murder… Just a drifting apart and perhaps a change in ideologies.

When I was a kid, a divorce could have stopped the beating of my mother a hundred times over. I’m one of the first to suggest divorce when someone has cheated on the other, I understand the dangers of verbal abuse and mean people… But, I don’t understand drifting apart. I don’t understand falling out of love.

I wonder have they thought of their empty bed? Have they considered meals without that person? Do they think back and reflect on the good as well as the bad times?

There is no argument right now, but I feel trapped in the middle of things. I feel like the child torn between two parents I love… Damn, I’m a kid all over again.


I don’t talk about dates on the site. I don’t talk about individual men I may have met here either. The site is public, it is on my email signature so everyone know about it mostly and I certainly don’t want anyone “playing for the camera” so to speak. Besides, every time I tell my friends about a potential guy he suddenly disappears or is proven to be a psycho.

I don’t feel comfortable talking about AA on the site. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll write a story about ME in AA or one of my personal experiences, but I don’t want to write about what happens in AA meetings today. There is the anonymous part of AA that needs to remain anonymous I guess… Trust me if things get too far out of hand at a meeting I’ll be sure to share at least the frustration.

Have a splendid weekend.

Congressional Recess (Essay 2, Grade: B+)

In recent times our government seems to have lost touch with what matters in favor of the frivolous and seemingly unimportant. The evidence clearly points to a loss of direction with Congressional Investigations into why CEOs of Oil companies are rich, a congressional recess called after the disaster of Hurricane Katrina or even the short lived “Freedom Fries” movement:

…all references to “french fries” and “French toast” on the menus of the restaurants and snack bars run by the House of Representatives would be removed. House cafeterias were ordered to re-name french fries as “freedom fries.”

Such actions demand congressional investigations into why our lawmakers have difficulty passing laws for universal health care, lowering the cost of malpractice insurance or finding alternative energy sources for the ever increasing cost of oil. In our country helping the poor, unemployed, homeless, and disaster victims should be paramount in the minds of our leaders. It is high time for the voters to decide what is important enough for our lawmakers to spend extra time on.

To appease the religious right, lawmakers wrote and passed “Terri’s Law”—ordering a feeding tube reinsertion—in less than one week. Enough members of the House and the Senate showed up to work on a Saturday and the President cut short one of his many vacations to ensure the measure passed into law. Elected officials used powers—they were entrusted with—to pass a law for one individual. Is this an example of “We the People?” Will there be an individual law written for your benefit also?

Looking at the Patriot Act, a measure passed almost immediately following the events of September 11th, we see transgressions that laugh in the face of freedom. At the time, political careers ended for those that didn’t sign, they were obviously “unpatriotic”. In Michael Moore’s controversial documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, a member of Congress readily admits “We don’t read these bills.” Was this one they should have found the time to read?

Running our country are the groups with money such as the “religious right”, the NRA, Big Oil. These organizations dictate the path of American values through lobbyists and money; is this path a direction you had envisioned?

Who watches the watchmen? Who do our leaders report to? Who elected them? The answer to all three is you and me; ultimately we are the ones in charge as we put them in office. Our responsibility, as Americans, is to ensure they do the job we elected them to do, not the jobs the feel pressured into. Demand answers, action and results or sit idly by as truth, justice and the American way come to exist only in the world of comic book heros.

Happy Monday?

It’s true, I had a happy Monday, I know it sounds simply absurd, but I did.

To start with, let me say: Folger’s coffee is not as bad as I remembered it. Sure, I’m still a coffee snob, Starbucks is better… but for your poor college student Folger’s will do.

Second, damn the weather was great today, listening to Rush on the headphones while biking to school is a great way to start your day.

Our Computer instructor said today that anyone with an A average would not be required to take the final. I stopped him in the hallway and asked if I had an A average, he said: “Yes, as you help Susan and I give you extra credit for that.” … I said: “If I hadn’t helped Susan I wouldn’t have an A average?” … He says: “No, no, I just want you to know that I appreciate it. You know, with a Bachelors Degree you could teach here.” … Well, doesn’t that make you feel all special (not in the short bus kind of way) inside?

On Friday I attempted, unsuccessfully, to retrieve the grade from my last Psych exam. Today he handed the tests back, and I got a 50 out of 50 possible points… LOL, can you believe that? This was the test on perception, the brain, neuro chemicals… more crap than I care to learn… and I get an A…. too phqn funny.

Take care.