Crime and Punishment

A terrible crime has been committed, a stab into the heart of true art, a destruction of true taste.

“E” Entertainment has reunited Paris and Nicole (the two with absolutely no talent-of course I never saw the porn video) for another season of The Simple Life (See Post Article). Another season of two ditzy girls making fun of the average American family, this is worth spending time on? Another season of “Daisy Dukes” and other scraps of clothing that pretend to be fashionable.

Proper punishment for “E” is hard to come up with, they’ve assaulted taste and good sense. I know, lets make the producers of the show watch all the shows that attempted to replace Seinfeld and Friends. Or make them spend time on the “career” of the failed American Idol contestant Corey (you remember, the guy who claimed to have slept with Paula) … nope, can’t do it, they’d give him a TV show.

News like this makes me so very happy I gave up TV.

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