Priest Policy

The Vatican is so wonderful and forward thinking, banning candidates from the priesthood who “practice homosexuality” [see link Post article here]. I could still be a priest then, cause I don’t practice anymore… don’t have to I’m really good at it!!!

But, imagine if you will the Human Resources department of the Vatican at the hiring stage for a priest.

HR Director: “Are you gay or do you practice homosexual acts?”
Potential Priest: “No, I am neither of those things.”
HR Director: “Good, good, we wouldn’t want to ban you from the priesthood. You’re obviously a very devout Christian.”
Potential Priest: “Thank you Father, I try to do the Lords work.”
HR Director: “You are all set to sign up for priesthood, lets get you the benefits package information. Do you wish to enroll in the Child Molestation package? This allows for us to remove from your paycheck each week a small sum to help pay for payoffs for any children we may seduce or rape.”
Potential Priest: “Yes, please enroll me in that package, I can hardly wait to get my hands on all the young altar boys and girls.”

OK, this may be a little extreme, but here is the issue: HOMOSEXUALITY and PEDOPHILIA are NOT the same thing. The Catholic Church has issues with grown men taking advantage of small children SEXUALLY, and then paying off the families later. These priests get moved from congregation to congregation, I guess when they get tired of the kids they are raping and want some fresh meat….

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again… Since the Church is in denial about these things it is time for the people of the church to demand their priests start wearing condoms when they molest their children, at least keep the children from catching sexually transmitted diseases.

Leave your child alone with a priest at your own risk folks, unless your hoping for a big payoff later.

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