Parent Visit

Ma and Pa (please notice, just like Clark Kent) and Rhonda and Greg (my sister and her husband) came to visit me in the “big city”.

I wore them out almost immediately walking about town and through one museum. The truly enjoyed the vegetation, flowers and wildlife… I’m not kidding. My family comes to visit the most powerful city in the world and they truly enjoyed the wildlife more than the memorials… it was cute.

We did the trolley tour, which is worth EVERY penny ($28 per person). The Holocaust Museum was touching and enjoyed by all. The American History museum was a lot of walking.

For me it was a pleasure to entertain my family in the city.

Fall Schedule

James Appel 2005 Fall Semester
Section Component Description Grading Option Grade Units Status
ENG 111 Cls#: 59917 H13C Lecture College Composition I Graded 3.00
8:00AM 9:15AM Tues George B Pass 0197 08/18/2005 12/12/2005
Instructor: Antinarella,Joseph C

Section Component Description Grading Option Grade Units Status
ITE 115 Cls#:63529 D01C Lecture Intro Computer Apps & Concepts Graded 4.00
8:00AM 9:40AM Mon,Wed Whitehurst Building 2045 08/18/2005 12/12/2005
Instructor: Alger,David C

Section Component Description Grading Option Grade Units Status
MTH 3 Cls#: 59953 D08C Lecture Algebra I Developmental 5.00
11:00AM 1:15PM Tues,Thurs Whitehurst Building 2032 08/18/2005 12/12/2005
Instructor: Locke,Muriel

Section Component Description Grading Option Grade Units Status
PSY 201 Cls#: 60232 D02C Lecture Introduction To Psychology I Graded 3.00 11:00AM 12:15PM Mon,Wed Whitehurst Building 2002 08/18/2005 12/12/2005
Instructor: Fox,Glenn E.

Section Component Description Grading Option Grade Units Status
SDV 100 Cls#: 70880 D03C Lecture College Success Skills Graded 1.00
2:00PM 3:15PM Mon,Wed George B Pass 0140 08/18/2005 10/12/2005
Instructor: Staff,C

Placement Testing… I hate math

The best news first… it’s over, the placement test is over and now I can concentrate on other things.

The results of my English Placement tests are as follows:
Reading: Score 92
Writing Skills: Score 92
now, is that 92 of 100? or 92 out of 1984567? no idea… they say it’s really good thou, so lets assume 100.

The results of my Math are a little less promising:
Pre-Algebra: Score 45
Algebra: Score 28

After talking with the adviser today, she assures me this is fine, but it does mean I have to take two non credit hours of math… God help me…

Tonnight at Midnight I get to pick my classes… I’ll let you know.


Open letter to the people of Britain: Is the cost of freedom… freedom?

When terror struck the U.S. on 9/11, fear struck the land of the free. Fear of more attacks, fear of lost loved ones, and fear of more fear. I was in Washington, DC the day the planes struck, and can clearly recall how it felts with each passing moment. Nothing compares to those feelings of hopelessness, fear and terror… and I thought nothing could make me feel safe again.

Soon, the country rallied: flags were flying everywhere, people were lined up to help find survivor or donate blood, and millions of dollars were given to charitable causes. America showed the world why we’re so proud of ourselves.

Then came the Patriot Act, combatants being held at Gitmo with no access to legal representation, people being arrested for taking pictures of landmarks, memo’s on how torture is excused in our case – because we’re so damn special…

America reacted immediately and gave the “leaders” of our country almost unlimited power which they’ve used to secure our freedom and spread freedom around the globe.

But, in reality, it appears as if America has lost its freedoms. The government has more power now than ever before to look into our personal lives, arrest us with even the slightest suspicion, check our bank records, and hold us without allowing us to see an attorney…

Don’t let it happen to you Londoner’s… don’t let them take from you that which they say they want to protect. Be patient, ask God for direction and help… don’t lose what America has already lost.