Open letter to the people of Britain: Is the cost of freedom… freedom?

When terror struck the U.S. on 9/11, fear struck the land of the free. Fear of more attacks, fear of lost loved ones, and fear of more fear. I was in Washington, DC the day the planes struck, and can clearly recall how it felts with each passing moment. Nothing compares to those feelings of hopelessness, fear and terror… and I thought nothing could make me feel safe again.

Soon, the country rallied: flags were flying everywhere, people were lined up to help find survivor or donate blood, and millions of dollars were given to charitable causes. America showed the world why we’re so proud of ourselves.

Then came the Patriot Act, combatants being held at Gitmo with no access to legal representation, people being arrested for taking pictures of landmarks, memo’s on how torture is excused in our case – because we’re so damn special…

America reacted immediately and gave the “leaders” of our country almost unlimited power which they’ve used to secure our freedom and spread freedom around the globe.

But, in reality, it appears as if America has lost its freedoms. The government has more power now than ever before to look into our personal lives, arrest us with even the slightest suspicion, check our bank records, and hold us without allowing us to see an attorney…

Don’t let it happen to you Londoner’s… don’t let them take from you that which they say they want to protect. Be patient, ask God for direction and help… don’t lose what America has already lost.

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