Car Trouble

I dropped my car off this morning because the low tire pressure light kept blinking on and off and the air in the tires was fine. Been that way for about a week, but I didn’t want it to suddenly be right about a low tire and not know. I dropped it off at Christian […]

Whining, Windows and What The…

I took the car in for it’s check-up and mentioned that the problem I was having with my window (see this video) is happening again. My buddy at the dealership said he’d have them take a look at it with everything else and get it fixed. About half way through the day (this was Thursday, […]

Grass in the Calipers

My car was making some noises – the brakes were squeaking and there was a “ker plunk, lunk lunk” when I’d hit bumps sounding like it came from behind the driver panel – so I took it to the shop. It’s nice that it’s still under warranty or whatever so they take care of it, […]