Grass in the Calipers

My car was making some noises – the brakes were squeaking and there was a “ker plunk, lunk lunk” when I’d hit bumps sounding like it came from behind the driver panel – so I took it to the shop. It’s nice that it’s still under warranty or whatever so they take care of it, when I bring it in they even wash the exterior for me. It was cold out yesterday morning (60 something) so I had the top down, heated seats and heat blasting. The dealership then puts me in a shuttle and got me to work (cute little bear cub driver too).

Around 11 they called to let me know my car was good to go – seems there was a clip not attached in the back panel on the drivers side which was causing the nosies when I hit bumps – how it got unclipped I don’t know.

The service guy said “your brakes were squealing cause you had grass in your calipers”.

“Oh” i said (I have no idea was calipers are – I don’t know much about cars… I can never find the discombobulating thing-a-ma-bobber when I need it)

The service guy wanted to know how grass got there and I couldn’t remember – until just before I fell asleep.

It’s a convertible bug (not an off-roader) and I live in the desert – where on earth did I run into grass? I brought to memory the 25th reunion – but I didn’t have my car, I was in WI. I was baffled.

not my car, but it looks just like this
not my car, but it looks just like this

Then I remembered going to 4848 one night – it was a popular speaker and I arrived later than I like – I parked in the back with the other late arrivals. It was a good speaker – I’d heard him before and he is fairly consistent in telling the same story so it was nothing new. I hung out a while after and chatted with my sponsor and a few others and then tried to go.

Out back I found I was pretty much surrounded – cars on both sides and behind me. I waited and watched cars try to avoid hitting one another and pedestrians all over the place not paying attention and cars having to stop for them. I began to think I was going to be there all night…

Then a car to my left did something amazing – it went forward. I couldn’t really tell what was forward (it was dark), but I kind of remember a grassy hilly area. I thought – “that guy has the right idea” so I put the car in drive and went down a hill into some grass and through the open field to the other side. It was bumpy, it was steep (at first) but I made it through and the car didn’t seem to have any damage or anything – I was pretty excited about that. Mostly, I was excited I didn’t have to wait for other people.

But that probably explains why there was grass in my calipers and why the clip was unclipped… maybe next time I get a car it should be something a little sturdier. And maybe next time I can learn some patience (not likely).

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