Hypothetical Math

So the two Principals of the firm both billed out (each) $350,000 annually
The top architect, under the Principals billed out about $250,000 annually
Then approximately (by the rest of the staff) about $142,000 annually
and add in consultants billings are about $101,000 annually
Bringing a grand total of billed amounts to clients at $1,200,000 roughly

You have annual payroll of about: $965,000

The President of the company decides to hire someone to be the “marketing manager” to sell the website and the newsletter, which have already been proven to be a huge success (note sarcasm). And wants to pay that person $50,000 plus 3% of all advertising and lets assume bonuses. This person does not have billable work, really… just to sell the newsletter, and given how popular and how many years its been making money this is a lot of work (again with the sarcasm). And you budget $40,000 towards a revamped website ($10,000 every other month until July).

So how do you afford to pay this person and this huge project? You fire your top earner… that’s right, you fire one of the people bringing in $350,000 worth of income annually. Not only that, but you also raise salaries and billable rates of all employee’s by 5%. This not only pays for the new person, but it also means there is a significant pay increase for the owner.

The employees may not get bonuses this year. The Profit Sharing plan, can be rewritten now that the Board of Directors is only one person, he can make up the rules as he goes along. The profit sharing is due to go in very soon, so its likely he’s already changed the rules to make this not happen. Lets say he hires his new office manager at $62,000, this is a $10,000 increase in the amount of salary he was paying his last office manager.

I wouldn’t let this guy near my checkbook, he doesn’t seem to understand simple math.


I would just like to sleep in…

1 god damn mother fucking day I would like to sleep in…

just once a week

that should not be that much to ask for.

Little Differences and Priorities

In January of 07, the entire staff were invited to go to an all inclusive resort in NY, on the company’s dime for the weekend. I made reservations at the hotel, and told everyone that I would be sending out a note about travel arrangement options. Before I had the chance everyone, including John, sent me their plans for getting there. A week before we were to go, John was concerned that he never got a list of travel options. We all departed on Friday at varying times of the day, and most of us had reservations through Sunday night.

I had been sick for days, but as a dedicated worker bee I kept going to work (company policy was that you were not allowed to take any time off for the first 6 months of employment) and almost decided not to go to the resort.
I took my friend Suzanne with me, we drove up and stopped in NYC to have dinner before proceeding to the resort. When we arrived and settled in we went downstairs to look around and see if we could find other staff members. We ran into John and his wife, I whispered to Suzanne that this was one of my bosses. Before anyone could say “Hi” or greet one another John had to get what truly mattered to him off his chest:

No one is checking the mail for the office, He said. We really need to make arrangements in the future if we wont be in there to check the mail.

I just stared at him, and introduced my friend to his wife and then to him. My friend Suzanne told me as we walked away: I could never work for him, he’s crazy.

When Suzanne and I ran into Jim and his wife it was much more pleasant. Jim and his wife both got up, crossed a room and introduced themselves to Suzanne before I could even open my mouth. They then asked me how our drive was and finally how I was feeling.

Every person on the trip asked how I was feeling when the first ran into us, except John.