Personal Trainer

So when I think of Gold’s Gym, I think of heavily muscled men in an over packed gym filled only with barbells and testosterone. My Gold’s isn’t like that, THANK GOD. It seems very friendly, I think they could use more treadmills, but that’s true of most gyms.

My personal trainer is very perky, and knowledgeable and mean… well, she’s supposed to be mean. I am sore, and grumpy as a result.

The Steven Kaufman AIDS Outreach Project

Here is your first opportunity to come hear me sing as a part of the GMCW. Now, not only will you get to see me all decked out in a tuxedo, but this is an AIDS Benefit, which is wonderful.

to purchase tickets:
I’d love to see you there.

GMCW Rehearsal 3

Saturday I attended the GMCW New Member Party at the Halo bar on P street. It was nice, I met some nice people, saw some of the guys from the choir that I think are attractive. I left there around 7 and headed home.

Tonights rehearsal was extra long, in part to make up for not practicing during Easter weekend, I think it was a successful rehearsal and enjoyed myself. My buddy showed up about 15 minutes or so late, but he is involved with another choir and they had performed at the Kennedy Center today.

After the rehearsal, I stopped in at the Green Lantern with some of the guys from the choir to do some karaoke, which I did not participate in.

Now I’m home and heading to bed.

2nd Rehearsal

So, I just got in from the second rehearsal, I’m tired and a bit sore (posture is important).

I was telling Gary (my roommate) about how sometimes I’ll be typing a word and a different word actually comes out. (like typing “house” but what appears on the paper/screen is “ginger”) and how that can be a bit … troubling at times. Makes me wonder what else could be out there.

So tonight, when we were warming up and the pianist played the single note for all the chorus to sing… I heard it, my mind registered it, and I came in very low. So, anyway, that threw me off for the rest of the nights rehearsal. I did my best, but was unsure of every note before it left my mouth. It’s a weird thing to have happen.

There was a nice looking guy sitting next to me, that’s always a good thing. The one guy did hug me twice, which is a little odd. Less odd now that I’ve seen him hugging other people. It must be his thing.

So this Saturday is the new member welcome party, and I’ve agreed to go, so that might prove interesting.

The First Rehearsal

I arrived for the orientation for members at 5 minutes to five, met my “buddy” who will be my primary contact for all questions and such. His last name is James, so he’s already very cool. The orientation was boring, but nice, an full of information.

The actual rehearsal was daunting, there are lots of nice voices in the chorus. I had downloaded the Tenor 2 parts from the website a few days ago, so I was a little more prepared than most. But alot of these guys can just read it and sing it from the page, I’m not quite that good, or at least I’m rusty enough to not be that good.

The songs, when heard with all parts are all quite lovely.

I chose not to participate in the after practice Karaoke at Green Lantern, instead I came home.

There are several very handsome men, only one of whom I’ve seen naked, and one that I hope finds me as cute as I find him.