The First Rehearsal

I arrived for the orientation for members at 5 minutes to five, met my “buddy” who will be my primary contact for all questions and such. His last name is James, so he’s already very cool. The orientation was boring, but nice, an full of information.

The actual rehearsal was daunting, there are lots of nice voices in the chorus. I had downloaded the Tenor 2 parts from the website a few days ago, so I was a little more prepared than most. But alot of these guys can just read it and sing it from the page, I’m not quite that good, or at least I’m rusty enough to not be that good.

The songs, when heard with all parts are all quite lovely.

I chose not to participate in the after practice Karaoke at Green Lantern, instead I came home.

There are several very handsome men, only one of whom I’ve seen naked, and one that I hope finds me as cute as I find him.

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