I’m a homophobe?

I might be a homophobe, is that even possible? Well I guess it is. I was in Ft Lauderdale a week or so ago, hanging out with my friend Michael K and when I commented about something that he said he looked at me and said: “Oh, that’s right you’re a homophobe.” and I thought […]

Rockets Red Glare

The 4th thing is off, for those of you that didn’t know, I had volunteered to sing with the Washington Choral Arts Society for A Capitol Fourth. A televised show in front of the Capital. Then something came up at work, and I think I will not be able to devote to the practice or […]

The Results

I don’t recall the exact day I became a member of the Choir, I know I was pretty excited and let all of you know… I’m that way. Today was our first performance out with the Songs Of My Family pieces, we sang at the Steven Kaufman Aids Foundation event in Baltimore. I was very […]

GMCW Rehearsal 3

Saturday I attended the GMCW New Member Party at the Halo bar on P street. It was nice, I met some nice people, saw some of the guys from the choir that I think are attractive. I left there around 7 and headed home. Tonights rehearsal was extra long, in part to make up for […]

2nd Rehearsal

So, I just got in from the second rehearsal, I’m tired and a bit sore (posture is important). I was telling Gary (my roommate) about how sometimes I’ll be typing a word and a different word actually comes out. (like typing “house” but what appears on the paper/screen is “ginger”) and how that can be […]

The First Rehearsal

I arrived for the orientation for members at 5 minutes to five, met my “buddy” who will be my primary contact for all questions and such. His last name is James, so he’s already very cool. The orientation was boring, but nice, an full of information. The actual rehearsal was daunting, there are lots of […]


So, I’ve finally done it: made my decision to audition for the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington. Last week I attended their rehearsal, and my audition will be in the middle of March. It was a little bit nerve racking, just showing up. They offered me sheet music and to sing along. It’s been almost […]