The Results

I don’t recall the exact day I became a member of the Choir, I know I was pretty excited and let all of you know… I’m that way. Today was our first performance out with the Songs Of My Family pieces, we sang at the Steven Kaufman Aids Foundation event in Baltimore.

I was very nervous getting ready and in the ride over to Baltimore. I was even nervous sitting with the other guys singing/rehearsing before the show. One guy who I sat next to for the first time said: it’s nice to finally sit next to some one in tune. So that was nice.

During the actual concert I know that my entrances were off in a few places, and I forgot lyrics in a few places, but I’m seriously blaming nerves. I’ve listened to these songs, and practiced them so much my roommate already knows the lyrics.

Anyway, it was a very nice time. I was proud to be there and several people complimented the choir after the show saying how nice it was.

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