Journalism – edited

I wrote for my very first newspaper in high school, I created an advice column called: Dear Zeus which was a humorous advice column, but so popular that it ended up talked about in our graduating year yearbook. I tried to keep answers light especially if the question was silly (For example, one person wrote in: “Why do females travel to the bathroom in pairs?” my answer: “Group Therapy”).

My second foray into journalism was at my job working at the drug and alcohol treatment center. I created a weekly newsletter for the staff and residents that contained information about recovery, upcoming social events, rules for the residence and announcing birthdays and such. Every issue also contained a small paragraph about something that was on my mind at the time in regards to sobriety/recovery. It was a well received newsletter and residents and staff looked forward to its publication every week.

During my 5 years at DC’s Children’s Hospital I implemented a weekly HIV Services update email, giving information about Staff, interviews, upcoming events, new arrivals or departures. It always contained humor and was well regarded.

If I put my mind to it, I bet I could start another newsletter that talked about my current work and how that affects others. It couldn’t be that hard – just find some contributers who want to write articles, put some blurbs of products and news items and try to write a little something that would be interesting to alot of people on the front page.

Journalism is my thing.


If I did create a newsletter and wrote an article admitting that I was wrong 20 years ago… I’d certainly expect at least one friend/colleague to write a letter to the Editor criticizing me for being so dense that it took me 20 years to admit a mistake…

but I guess maybe that’s just me.

4 Months of Success – and many returns

This marks month four of exceeding the financial goals for the new company. This means that we are doing better than we had planned in our budget – billing out approximately 10% more a month that we had anticipated.

The best part? We’re just getting started! Clients keep calling us for work, and despite the other company’s hilarious attempts to roadblock old clients files, we’re stacking up projects right and left.

In May we launch our Website and will be sending out a Marketing letter (we didn’t have to hire anyone at $50,000 plus 3% of advertising income to accomplish these things either) that will drum up even more business and hopefully lead to more growth in the company.

Honesty, determination, and a belief in a power greater than ourselves is what is helping us to continue our success. Thanks go to God, and everyone who believed we could do it.

Destiny – on the Happy Road

I guess it was almost 14 years ago that I first met her. Such a happy girl, full of spunk and a tongue that just wouldn’t stop – Not like that… Destiny Rose, a black and white Shih tzu, who had a serious tongue fixation. She was Suzanne’s dog, her best friend for 14 years. Suzanne had to have her put to sleep recently, which I know was a hard decision to come to. Destiny had gotten pretty old, was blind and deaf and had started to growl at anyone who came near her, even Suzanne.

Looking back, I will always remember the sweet puppy that licked me non-stop, licked anyone non-stop and always wanted to be with her Momma. She was more than a dog to Suzanne’s family, more than a dog to me too, she was an essential part of every day life.

I had the opportunity on numerous occasions to dog sit for Suzanne. And let me tell you, Destiny knew just how to manipulate me. She was a master con artist when it came to treats, and she always knew just when you were about to fall into a deep sleep (she’d bark right then). If her Momma were there it wouldn’t have been that way, she almost always listened to her Momma.
(See this old post for a fine example of her conniving: )

When I was a young boy, attending Sunday School at a southern Baptist church, I recall the teacher telling me that animals don’t have a soul and wouldn’t go to heaven. Let me assure you, Destiny proved her wrong, she had more soul, more heart, more everything than you could possibly imagine.

Rest in Peace Destiny.

The Cult Leader Visits DC

Bill Maher did a spectacular job of speaking on the Catholic Church and the Pope on Friday’s show.

So I wonder when CNN says: “Security precautions have been taken in the air, on land and in the water for the visit.”

Do you think someone is protecting the children, altar boys or underage?


So I had my first weekend trip to NYC to see a Broadway show. I took the train up, as i find it much more relaxing than the airplane. I had downloaded the movie: Starfall to watch on my way up which was very enjoyable, and there was a cute guy sitting across from me too – that’s always a bonus. I arrived around 12:30, had lunch at the Ruby Tuesday that was right near the hotel (stayed at the Newark Airport Residence Inn) and checked in early. Took a 2 hour nap and waited for my friend Suzanne to arrive. Suzanne and I had dinner at the JW Prime Steakhouse (at the Marriott at the airport) and then headed back to our suite. The two bedroom suite was very nice, though we hardly used the kitchen at all.

The plan on Saturday was to spend the morning shopping, before we headed off for Times Square; but when we were preparing to leave we discovered someone had broken into Suzanne’s car over night, the drivers side window had been smashed in and glass was everywhere. They were apparently looking for her GPS system, which she had in the room with us. They left her Ipod, her CD’s, and DVDs all in the car, so the only loss was the window and shopping time.

Time Square was a real treat, my first visit there and I really liked it (despite the people). I could spend a day there shopping.

In the theater, waiting for Suzanne to arrive out of the mile long ladies restroom I swear I saw Leslie Jordan who had a recurring role on Will and Grace over the years, that was a treat in itself. The play, Young Frankenstein, was stupendous, even with two understudies standing in for the lead male role and the Inga role, it was still VERY good. Suzanne and I especially loved Igor, he stole the show.

Saturday night we headed to a local mexican restaurant that Suzanne loves and met up with a guy that she went to high school with and his girlfriend, then it was off to an AA meeting, which was also very good.

Sunday, Suzanne took off fairly early and I headed back in the afternoon. All in all, it was a great trip and I hope to spend more time the next time I go see a show.

Death of a Thousand Cuts

I found this on Wiki and it seems oddly appropriate for what’s been happening:
Slow slicing (simplified Chinese: 凌迟; traditional Chinese: 凌遲; pinyin: língchí, alternately transliterated Ling Chi or Leng T’che), also translated as the slow process, the lingering death, or death by/of a thousand cuts, was a form of execution used in China from roughly AD 900 to its abolition in 1905. The term língchí derives from a classical description of ascending a mountain slowly.The process involved tying the person to be executed to a wooden frame, usually in a public place. The flesh is then cut from the body in very small pieces. Often drugs were administered throughout the process to keep the victim from dying.The punishment works on three levels: as a form of public humiliation, as a slow and lingering death, and as a punishment after death. According to the Confucian principle of filial piety or xiaoto alter one’s body or to cut the body is a form of unfilial paractice. Lingchitherefore contravenes the demands of xiao. In addition, to be cut to pieces meant that the body of the victim would not be ‘whole’ in a spiritual life after death.

Who knew he was planning to shoot himself in the foot at the same time as he was being sliced? Go figure.

The Question On Everyones Mind

“So, Jamez…” they say, “I’ve been reading your blog and was wondering if you’ve been unemployed since January.”

No actually. I haven’t been unemployed all year, well half a day I guess…

Jim started up his own company and I’ve gone to work for him, doing the same things we did at the last place.

Its been very interesting, setting up an office, choosing furniture, computers, supplies. There are so many things you just take for granted in an established company that slip your mind. Who do you get for your internet service provider, what phone plan… it’s been crazy.

Jim is known and trusted by so many clients he just kept on working. Several clients since have asked to have their files, photos, and such transferred over to the new company which is keeping us very busy. The big client from the last job recently divvied up the jobs between the two firms, the old company with three surveyors in the office got 20 properties, and us… with one surveyor, 15, so I think we made out alright.

We’re meeting our financial goals for the company, doing volunteer work for organizations that Jim has been involved with for years and generally having a good time. There are no newsletters, no meetings to renumber all the files (we went alphabetically A comes before B you know), no wet blanket entering the room – ruining the fun.

So things continue to look up, clients continue to come in and if all goes well, it would be nice to hire more people by the end of the year (and according tour our financial plan, we could actually do that soon).

So there you have it, life goes on and not much has changed at all in my life. I pray, when the resentment gets to strong, for that certain someone to get better. And I pray all the time for the people that are left with him, they certainly need it.

In the meantime, I’ll try to focus on the more positive aspects of life and try to let go of some of my anger. So look here to see how we’re doing with the company, our growth plans and any thing else that comes up that’s entertaining.