4 Months of Success – and many returns

This marks month four of exceeding the financial goals for the new company. This means that we are doing better than we had planned in our budget – billing out approximately 10% more a month that we had anticipated.

The best part? We’re just getting started! Clients keep calling us for work, and despite the other company’s hilarious attempts to roadblock old clients files, we’re stacking up projects right and left.

In May we launch our Website and will be sending out a Marketing letter (we didn’t have to hire anyone at $50,000 plus 3% of advertising income to accomplish these things either) that will drum up even more business and hopefully lead to more growth in the company.

Honesty, determination, and a belief in a power greater than ourselves is what is helping us to continue our success. Thanks go to God, and everyone who believed we could do it.

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