So I had my first weekend trip to NYC to see a Broadway show. I took the train up, as i find it much more relaxing than the airplane. I had downloaded the movie: Starfall to watch on my way up which was very enjoyable, and there was a cute guy sitting across from me too – that’s always a bonus. I arrived around 12:30, had lunch at the Ruby Tuesday that was right near the hotel (stayed at the Newark Airport Residence Inn) and checked in early. Took a 2 hour nap and waited for my friend Suzanne to arrive. Suzanne and I had dinner at the JW Prime Steakhouse (at the Marriott at the airport) and then headed back to our suite. The two bedroom suite was very nice, though we hardly used the kitchen at all.

The plan on Saturday was to spend the morning shopping, before we headed off for Times Square; but when we were preparing to leave we discovered someone had broken into Suzanne’s car over night, the drivers side window had been smashed in and glass was everywhere. They were apparently looking for her GPS system, which she had in the room with us. They left her Ipod, her CD’s, and DVDs all in the car, so the only loss was the window and shopping time.

Time Square was a real treat, my first visit there and I really liked it (despite the people). I could spend a day there shopping.

In the theater, waiting for Suzanne to arrive out of the mile long ladies restroom I swear I saw Leslie Jordan who had a recurring role on Will and Grace over the years, that was a treat in itself. The play, Young Frankenstein, was stupendous, even with two understudies standing in for the lead male role and the Inga role, it was still VERY good. Suzanne and I especially loved Igor, he stole the show.

Saturday night we headed to a local mexican restaurant that Suzanne loves and met up with a guy that she went to high school with and his girlfriend, then it was off to an AA meeting, which was also very good.

Sunday, Suzanne took off fairly early and I headed back in the afternoon. All in all, it was a great trip and I hope to spend more time the next time I go see a show.

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