Journalism – edited

I wrote for my very first newspaper in high school, I created an advice column called: Dear Zeus which was a humorous advice column, but so popular that it ended up talked about in our graduating year yearbook. I tried to keep answers light especially if the question was silly (For example, one person wrote in: “Why do females travel to the bathroom in pairs?” my answer: “Group Therapy”).

My second foray into journalism was at my job working at the drug and alcohol treatment center. I created a weekly newsletter for the staff and residents that contained information about recovery, upcoming social events, rules for the residence and announcing birthdays and such. Every issue also contained a small paragraph about something that was on my mind at the time in regards to sobriety/recovery. It was a well received newsletter and residents and staff looked forward to its publication every week.

During my 5 years at DC’s Children’s Hospital I implemented a weekly HIV Services update email, giving information about Staff, interviews, upcoming events, new arrivals or departures. It always contained humor and was well regarded.

If I put my mind to it, I bet I could start another newsletter that talked about my current work and how that affects others. It couldn’t be that hard – just find some contributers who want to write articles, put some blurbs of products and news items and try to write a little something that would be interesting to alot of people on the front page.

Journalism is my thing.


If I did create a newsletter and wrote an article admitting that I was wrong 20 years ago… I’d certainly expect at least one friend/colleague to write a letter to the Editor criticizing me for being so dense that it took me 20 years to admit a mistake…

but I guess maybe that’s just me.

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