Destiny – on the Happy Road

I guess it was almost 14 years ago that I first met her. Such a happy girl, full of spunk and a tongue that just wouldn’t stop – Not like that… Destiny Rose, a black and white Shih tzu, who had a serious tongue fixation. She was Suzanne’s dog, her best friend for 14 years. Suzanne had to have her put to sleep recently, which I know was a hard decision to come to. Destiny had gotten pretty old, was blind and deaf and had started to growl at anyone who came near her, even Suzanne.

Looking back, I will always remember the sweet puppy that licked me non-stop, licked anyone non-stop and always wanted to be with her Momma. She was more than a dog to Suzanne’s family, more than a dog to me too, she was an essential part of every day life.

I had the opportunity on numerous occasions to dog sit for Suzanne. And let me tell you, Destiny knew just how to manipulate me. She was a master con artist when it came to treats, and she always knew just when you were about to fall into a deep sleep (she’d bark right then). If her Momma were there it wouldn’t have been that way, she almost always listened to her Momma.
(See this old post for a fine example of her conniving: )

When I was a young boy, attending Sunday School at a southern Baptist church, I recall the teacher telling me that animals don’t have a soul and wouldn’t go to heaven. Let me assure you, Destiny proved her wrong, she had more soul, more heart, more everything than you could possibly imagine.

Rest in Peace Destiny.

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