Open Letter to releasers of TV Shows

So I’ve recently started to watch Battlestar Galactica (the new one) and Entourage and found I really like both of them.

I downloaded Entourage on my ITunes as it’s nice to be able to watch that show on my Ipod, but BSG with it’s special effects I want to watch on my TV.

The issue I encountered was the 1/2 season releases… Season 3 of Entourage was released as 2 separate packages and Season 2 of BSG has 2.0 and 2.5… I don’t want to buy half a product, I want the whole thing… A few years ago Warner Bros was releasing only some episodes of Justice League and Batman and Superman cartoons… no one was interested then, no one is interested now.

I don’t know anyone that wants half a product… for the love all all good TV shows go balls deep already and only release full seasons.

The Quest for the Sunday Breakfast – Week 1

Since Annie’s Paramount Steakhouse in Dupont Circle has removed my favorite salad and refuses to bring it back – my friends Mark and Robert and I have begun our search for a new Sunday morning breakfast place.

Our first stop, yesterday September 21st, was at La Madelline in Georgetown.

We found parking immediately – it was 8:30 in the morning so you’d expect to… but Georgetown can be tricky for parking.

It was confusing for us, we’re used to being waited on by a good gay waiter, this place didn’t appear to have anyone gay, french or american citizen… but I digress. So we stood in line, looking at the menu, pressured by women behind the counter to choose and move… even though at the time there were no patrons behind us.

I saw the fresh fruit in separate bowls that the woman was willing to serve out: strawberries, grapes, musk melon, water melon, pineapple. So I said I wanted some fruit, I pointed to the water melon and she started to dish out the musk melon, which I didn’t want… she finally understood and gave me the water melon an pineapple. I also pointed to the strawberries… she said “No, buy bowl” I stated quite clearly that I didn’t want an entire bowl of strawberries, just some in my mixed fruit… she would not give me any… so I wonder why they had the large bowl of strawberries with the rest of the large bowls of fruit if I couldn’t have any. I then ordered scrambled eggs and bacon (everything in this place comes with a croissant, if you just came in to use the restroom you’d likely leave with a croissant) and a coffee. The total for my meal was $14.53

Mark and Robert both had similar experiences and they knew better than to ask for separate strawberries as I had gone first.

The meal, when it was delivered was ok… not a very large portion and it certainly did not help that the luke warm coffee and luke warm orange juice were bland in taste.

After we had been sitting for only a few minute the place filled up with people and it was loud and crowded. Lots of tourists and we did hear some people speaking French, but I think they too were tourists and likely thought this was just like meals back home…

So La Madelline is out of contention for place to have breakfast, perhaps next week at The Diner, we’ll find our new home.


I really hope that the Senate actually reads these bills before they pass it… I can think of several bills during the Bush Administration that they wish they didn’t sign … or at least I wish.

READ THE BILL before giving him another 700 Billion dollars.

Federal Financing Recap

Ok, several “smart”, old, rich, (lets assume) white men made several bad decisions and gambles that have led their companies (AIA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Bear Stearns) into serious financial trouble…

And you’re going to use my tax payer money in billion… oh wait trillions of dollars to fix what rich old white rich men wrought? This is gonna help the economy how exactly?

R.I.P. Chuck Komperud

My sisters ex-husband died yesterday, his kidneys and liver finally failed. Chuck was a practicing alcoholic and a living example of how horrible life can get if you let alcohol ravage your life and your body.

Reports over the years have shown him rarely sober, always a yellow tint to his skin and a distended liver. His disposition was never a nice one, even to the two sons he raised.

It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve even seen this guy, about 10 years since my sister and he divorced and she sobered up. The way they drank its a wonder he lived 10 years.

I sincerely hope he finds in death what he lacked in life: Peace