Do you believe in freedom of speech?

I do. I believe in freedom of all kinds, I was raised in a country based on freedom as our guiding principle – today it’s harder to see this freedom. In my country it should be perfectly acceptable to say, print, believe in, sing, wear …. anything that I may want in order to express myself.

Taking The Long Way, the Dixie Chicks new album is what you’ve come to expect from the Chick’s: good music and lyrics that make you think, love, and feel… these songs come alive and repeat themselves in your head the whole day. With guest artists like John Mayer and Bonnie Rait this CD is, in my humble opinion, the best CD to date that the Dixie Chicks have released.

“I Hope” the last track on the CD, is filled with wonderful, soulful harmonies that have me swaying and tapping my foot (and of course I sing along).

“Voice Inside My Head” is a great song about the choices we make, and always thinking that perhaps the one that got away is the one that would have made our life better.

Even “Not Ready to Make Nice” is a great song with great lyrics and rhythms. Is it a slap in the face to the people that don’t believe in freedom of speech? Maybe a little. Do those people deserve a slap in the face? God damn right they do.

Buy this album, hell… buy 2. Send one copy to Monkey Boy (a.k.a. George W. Bush), I think he needs to see the truth at least once during his term.

Job Seeking

Suggestions for staffing agencies keep coming to mind, but I’ve only told one agency what they should do to improve their services. Here are some common items that would make the process better for all parties:

  • Standardize and computerize forms. It’s 2006 people, all of this can be done on a computer, not only making it easier on the applicant, but also making the data more accessible and searchable for Employers.
  • Computer peripherals need upgrading. An applicant should have non-sticky keyboards, a smooth flow (optical preferred) mouse, and a decent work station from which to test.
  • Consolidate test information. Three of the agencies I’ve applied to this week had the exact same tests. My scores were relatively the same, this is wasting my time and yours, talk to one another.
  • Don’t call me every day to ask me if you can send out my resume… That’s why I came to you in the first place: So you could find me a job.
  • Be friendly to prospective clients. Whether they are job seekers or employers, treat them with the same level of respect you would like to receive. Only one agency had a truly rude receptionist, but all of them should be aware of the impression they set for your company.

I’m done ranting now, time to look for more jobs.

Dismal Waitress

Mary Lou Adell was ugly, probably the ugliest girl in town – or at least she believed. She wasn’t thin enough and her eyes were too big, no boy was ever going to like her the way she was. Every morning she stuffed Kleenex into her bra, hoping no one would notice, but real breasts would have suited her better. Her hair, clothes and smile all of it was just wrong; she was a misfit in this town.

Not from around these parts, she had arrived one night climbing down from the cab of a semi outside the Dismal Motel. She had been hitchhiking half the night with no luck when Lucy’s rig pulled over. Mary Lou was so relieved at the sight of a woman driving that big rig she felt her whole body relax and she realized she had been clenching her jaw since the rig pulled over. She took a room that night in the Motel a small room, with its own bathroom, a tiny TV, and fridge.

The very next day she applied to be a waitress at the Dismal Café, and been hired on the spot. It took her a while to learn all the idiosyncrasies in a restaurant; but soon discovered she was a natural. All the town folk were friendly enough, and she got to know a few of them by name and knew before they sat down whether they wanted decaf or regular. The cook, Otis, had the prettiest blue eyes that made her heart pitter-patter, but she was so afraid all she would ever do is look at him. She hoped one day he’s ask her out so she could say yes, but she wasn’t sure she ever could.

Mary Lou was torn, she was drawn to handsome rugged men, and yet if they got to close she would tremble in fear; panic would rise from the soles of her feet and occasionally cause anxiety attacks. She knew this fear came from her father; he had instilled an unnatural reaction to men over the last ten years. Just thinking about her dad brought to mind memories she would rather forget; she could feel his sweaty hand clenched against her mouth, keeping her from crying out.

It had been almost a year, and she still lived in the Motel her money very cautiously kept, every penny saved that could be. She never knew when she might have to leave, at any moment she could be found. Not knowing what would happen if she was found, just knowing she wanted to be able to get away if she could.

Dismal was a nice place to stay, for now; tomorrow is another day.

Unofficial National Plan

President Bush’s plan for securing our nations borders is awe inspiring, and so brilliant it should be applied to all of our nations problems.

Senior Citizens not signing up for an appropriate Medicare plan? Send in the National Guard.

Brittney Spears’s child safety seat not the most popular one? Send armed personnel to show her right from wrong.

The Da Vinci Code a violation of what’s right? Send in our men and women to block the movie from being seen.

Lawsuits being filed due to the NSA tapping our phone lines? Send in Dick Cheney with his shotgun.

If it’s not being done to our liking, lets send in the troops and make it all better. This is the new strategy for our great nation.

To Boldly Go Where No Cat Has Gone Before…

I’ve gotten a little smarter, I no longer spend 45 minutes attempting to put the cats in their carriers, I just scoop them up one at a time and carry them to the vehicle. “It’s ok baby, it will be ok, I’m right here.”

The UHaul Truck proved to be better than most for the cats, they could crawl under the drivers seat and just hide there and cry, so they did. The antennae for the radio-coat hanger bent just so, maybe that’s why the stations came in so beautifully. The air condition unit, if you could call it that, spewed forth noxious fumes that made me and the cats sleepy… so I turned it off and opened the window. As soon as there was fresh air again the cats would start to howl… so I’d roll up the windows and blast the A/C til they were snoozing again, and I’d almost drift off myself. Sure it was risky, but the quiet was well worth it.

Unloaded about half the truck, still have some bigger things to unload today. I’m tired and sore and for all the wrong reasons. The cats are exploring, but very happy. Mouse tipped over the litter pan last night (you can see she did this the first night in Chesapeake also in the September archives). Q hid for 3 hours, then he came out, plopped himself in the middle of the living room and purred. I think the cats are happy to be home. And I am too!!!

Ready, Set…

I’m packed, mostly, the computer is still up (obviously) and I have some cleaning to do… but I am ready.

I think it will be ok if I leave today, so that’s my goal, to head out for DC now, otherwise I’m basically sleeping on the floor tonight anyway.

Learning to Swim

I just wanted to fit in, all the other kids knew how to swim, but there I was in my trunks without a real clue what to do in the water. Sure I waded in and splashed about, but I had no idea how to kick my feet and move my arms to swim like everyone else.

I didn’t want to appear as if I didn’t know what I was doing, so I faked it. I bent over my arms stretched as far as they would go, flailing about like they were propelling me and probably making more splashes then anyone else, but my feet were still planted firmly on the ground. I would walk around the lake, arms still slapping up and down against the water, once in a while I’d look up and tell my Mom that I was swimming. They all knew of course, I guess it was pretty obvious, that I was faking it.

Then one day it happened, I slipped. I lost my footing and was propelled forward in the water like a rocket, at first panic struck and I thought for sure I was gonna get stuck underwater or something. But soon I was kicking my legs, wiggling my body as I moved under the water, I had learned how to swim and it was the most glorious of occasions.


It has been 12 years since I slipped into sobriety and found a better way of life. At first I faked it, there couldn’t be a God that believed in me or a way to live without drugs or alcohol, I just pretended and tried to fit in, moving my arms like I saw the other spiritual kindergarteners doing.

Then one day it happened, I let go. I let go of all my fears, hatreds and just had to trust one person, and then more people. And I found myself rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence, from which I have found no substitute (nor do I want to) that could compare to the wonders of life. There are things in life I never imagined possible, that have filled me with such joy and happiness I cannot even describe them.

No Idea

I managed to pass my Algebra Final, not sure how… but I did… so I do NOT have a R (repeat) or a U (unsatisfactory). It’s over… I will fight tooth and nail to never take any type of mathematics again.

What did you forget? EVERYTHING!!!

So, first, I missed an entire essay that was due for my ENG 252 Class. No worries, truly didn’t know I had to do it and the Professor is letting me turn it in late. I have it mostly written at this point.

Algebra… what did I forget?

  • A “-” not a “+” in the quadratic formula… wrote it wrong, explains why it didn’t work out on the exam.
  • How to find the length of all three sides of a right triangle…
  • Graphing in its entirety

We were given two hours for the test, and I spent 1:45 there trying to remember it all… but it just wouldn’t come. How did I do on the test? I have not one clue.

I asked my Professor, as I left, if I received a poor score on the exam if she would please put an i after it to make it imaginary. She laughed.

Grade Update

This morning I received the grade for my term paper and my ENG 112 class… both A’s.

My ENG 252 Class will be a low A or high B.

An A in Self-Defense.

And hopefully an S in Algebra… but I don’t care, we’ll pretend it’s imaginary.