To Boldly Go Where No Cat Has Gone Before…

I’ve gotten a little smarter, I no longer spend 45 minutes attempting to put the cats in their carriers, I just scoop them up one at a time and carry them to the vehicle. “It’s ok baby, it will be ok, I’m right here.”

The UHaul Truck proved to be better than most for the cats, they could crawl under the drivers seat and just hide there and cry, so they did. The antennae for the radio-coat hanger bent just so, maybe that’s why the stations came in so beautifully. The air condition unit, if you could call it that, spewed forth noxious fumes that made me and the cats sleepy… so I turned it off and opened the window. As soon as there was fresh air again the cats would start to howl… so I’d roll up the windows and blast the A/C til they were snoozing again, and I’d almost drift off myself. Sure it was risky, but the quiet was well worth it.

Unloaded about half the truck, still have some bigger things to unload today. I’m tired and sore and for all the wrong reasons. The cats are exploring, but very happy. Mouse tipped over the litter pan last night (you can see she did this the first night in Chesapeake also in the September archives). Q hid for 3 hours, then he came out, plopped himself in the middle of the living room and purred. I think the cats are happy to be home. And I am too!!!

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