What did you forget? EVERYTHING!!!

So, first, I missed an entire essay that was due for my ENG 252 Class. No worries, truly didn’t know I had to do it and the Professor is letting me turn it in late. I have it mostly written at this point.

Algebra… what did I forget?

  • A “-” not a “+” in the quadratic formula… wrote it wrong, explains why it didn’t work out on the exam.
  • How to find the length of all three sides of a right triangle…
  • Graphing in its entirety

We were given two hours for the test, and I spent 1:45 there trying to remember it all… but it just wouldn’t come. How did I do on the test? I have not one clue.

I asked my Professor, as I left, if I received a poor score on the exam if she would please put an i after it to make it imaginary. She laughed.

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