Do you believe in freedom of speech?

I do. I believe in freedom of all kinds, I was raised in a country based on freedom as our guiding principle – today it’s harder to see this freedom. In my country it should be perfectly acceptable to say, print, believe in, sing, wear …. anything that I may want in order to express myself.

Taking The Long Way, the Dixie Chicks new album is what you’ve come to expect from the Chick’s: good music and lyrics that make you think, love, and feel… these songs come alive and repeat themselves in your head the whole day. With guest artists like John Mayer and Bonnie Rait this CD is, in my humble opinion, the best CD to date that the Dixie Chicks have released.

“I Hope” the last track on the CD, is filled with wonderful, soulful harmonies that have me swaying and tapping my foot (and of course I sing along).

“Voice Inside My Head” is a great song about the choices we make, and always thinking that perhaps the one that got away is the one that would have made our life better.

Even “Not Ready to Make Nice” is a great song with great lyrics and rhythms. Is it a slap in the face to the people that don’t believe in freedom of speech? Maybe a little. Do those people deserve a slap in the face? God damn right they do.

Buy this album, hell… buy 2. Send one copy to Monkey Boy (a.k.a. George W. Bush), I think he needs to see the truth at least once during his term.

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