Job Seeking

Suggestions for staffing agencies keep coming to mind, but I’ve only told one agency what they should do to improve their services. Here are some common items that would make the process better for all parties:

  • Standardize and computerize forms. It’s 2006 people, all of this can be done on a computer, not only making it easier on the applicant, but also making the data more accessible and searchable for Employers.
  • Computer peripherals need upgrading. An applicant should have non-sticky keyboards, a smooth flow (optical preferred) mouse, and a decent work station from which to test.
  • Consolidate test information. Three of the agencies I’ve applied to this week had the exact same tests. My scores were relatively the same, this is wasting my time and yours, talk to one another.
  • Don’t call me every day to ask me if you can send out my resume… That’s why I came to you in the first place: So you could find me a job.
  • Be friendly to prospective clients. Whether they are job seekers or employers, treat them with the same level of respect you would like to receive. Only one agency had a truly rude receptionist, but all of them should be aware of the impression they set for your company.

I’m done ranting now, time to look for more jobs.

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