Surprising Questions and Nasty Aroma’s

On my way into a meeting Friday night my best friend called.

“Want to go to a gay bar?” She asks.

My straight, married, SOBER, best friend. But, sure why not, lets go check out the local guys.

This nights events were much better than my last experience at The Garage where the men were the cause of sore eyes. However, besides the fact that they were young and hairless at this bar(except for a few scary looking guys) I ended up smelling of smoke.

The smoke from the bar clung to everything, it was nasty. The smell was on my hands, on my jacket, everywhere… the cats even retracted in disgust when I arrived home.

The next day my jacket still reeked of smoke… nasty, nasty habit…. glad I’m rid of it.

For Publication

At the urging of my English professor, I will be submitting three stories for the schools annual publication: Creepy Guy on a Bike, Battered Innocence (originally named Pain and Memory) and the Race for the Cure story, if I can come up with a catchy title. He also wanted me to submit My Knuckles are White, but each submission is limited to 2000 words, my story is over 4000 and try as I might, I can’t cut over half of it.

As for writing for the school newspaper, they don’t consider anyone for a writing position until they have successfully completed ENG 111, which I’m taking now. Of course I thanked them and said “If I’m still interested in January, I’ll let you know”. LOL

Jacquelyn’s Soul

Yesterday, Jacquelyn Wilkerson became an angel.

Jacquelyn fought for over two years with Breast Cancer… at the end of her struggle God called her home. Jacquelyn was one of those women whose life was a dedication to the Lord, she was a minister with her church and always had a hand in the Lord’s work.

I’ll always remember her big hair, colorful clothes and long nails. The way her voice seemed to boom when she talked, and the way her eyes seemed to touch evey soul; you knew she was there. God blessed the people of Family Connections, and her family with her spirit and her presence for far too short a period.

Today I pray that we don’t lose another, my heart can’t take it.

Number 3029 – Race for the Cure

First I want to thank everyone (Anonymous, Zelda, Scott, Julie, Hans, Dr. D, Christy & Peter, Erika, Jeri, Julianne, Rashida, Courtney, Brett, Denise, Ms. Elliott, Denise, Diana, Eric, Jen, Ann, Kim, Donna M, Michelle, Chris S, Rita, Harriet, Rachael, Sonia) who contributed to my race we raised $925 which was the most a single person raised at my school, so thank you. Second, I’d like to thank all the extra calls, emails, cookies that came to keep me motivated much appreciated. Third, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month… do self breast exams regularly, get a mammogram (You know who you are)… donate money and by all means wear a pink ribbon.

Now for the details of the race:

I didn’t sleep well, thoughts of the race swirled in my head most of the night, and the sound of the coffee pot at 5:25 a.m. came much too soon. I said a few prayers, had a bowl of cereal and paid a sparse amount of attention to the cats before jumping in Randy’s truck and heading off to the beach.

The beach was filled with people in pink t-shirts. Sponsors had booths set up everywhere (Ford, American Airlines, Kellogg’s, Yoplait…) one of the local radio stations broadcasted live in the center of the booths. I find my schools pick up area and get my number, 3029, on the back of my shirt I pin a pink banner that says: In Memory of Susan Zamer.

Waiting for the race to begin is an experience that is hard to describe. There is a man wearing a shirt that says “In honor of my Mom, Sherry 1956 – 2005”, a little kid in a stroller whose shirt says “In Celebration of my Mom”. There are t-shirts scattered about that explain how to do a breast self exam, there are pink wrist bands, pink shoelaces, pink, pink, pink…

The race finally begins and I turn on my MP3 and go. Not even half-way through I want to stop and walk, I see other people walking, I surely could… then I see the guy running ahead of me with the shirt for his Mom “Sherry” and I keep running.

Water, finally there’s some water… where have these people been, hand out more water for God’s sake…

I get tired again, I want to walk… I close my eyes and think of Susan and her struggle, did she quit fighting? Did she give up? I tear up, but I keep running.

I get tired again as we approach a turn, there are people there, I can hear them cheering us on OVER the sound of my music. I tear up, and I keep running.

I can’t do this, what was I thinking, I have to stop… I think of my Ma surviving and the strength she showed during the whole ordeal. I tear up, and I keep running.

I finally have to stop; the pain in my stomach is too much… I walk for a half a block, and then take off running again.

Shouldn’t there be more water, where are you people? Oh, there they are, I can run that far, I need water, I get two small cups of water… I start to slow down, I’m so tired…

A woman, a survivor, grabs my arm and says “come on, we’re almost there, we can do it”… she inspired me to keep going, she kept pace with me wouldn’t let me slow down kept me going to the end.

I ran the 5K in 32.24 minutes, and I raised $925.00 thanks to all of you.

The sum of X and 5 less than X minus three to the fourth power…

The feel of sex is all around us as his calloused hands caress my face and the tip of his perfectly trimmed goatee grazes my chin; he moves in to kiss me, his breath hot with a hint of mint. I open my mouth to accept his tongue as it penetrates my willing orifice I am suddenly struck by an algebraic formula that will make this night even better: 2x – 30 = 70 means X=50. Our bodies press together and the night explodes into a canopy of eroticism….

See, I just don’t see where Algebra is going to make a difference in my life. Does your average person use on a daily, weekly, or yearly basis N = P – R + T when solved for P is actually: P = N + R – T? Honestly, when is this information going to be proven useful?

Let us take a look at the rectangle, I’ve recently learned the formula to determine the perimeter of a rectangle is P = 2L + 2W. This information will somehow prove useful in an office environment? Say when you’re filling up the copy machine?

If you need to know the perimeter of a triangle is 180 when decorating your house, honestly you’d be better off hiring a gay guy. When do I need to know that a right angle is 90 degrees?

The truly amazing thing is that I have three more semesters of math, I figured this out with plain old regular math… see I needed 4 Semesters, and I’ve almost completed this one semester… that formula is 4 – 1 = 3 just in case you needed to know.

Creepy Guy on The Bike

I’ve become one of the dreaded neighborhood legends, if you grew up in a small town you know what I’m talking about. There’s that one guy you always see around town riding his bike everywhere, what’s up with that? I imagine the parents warning the children to “stay away, there must be something wrong with that guy” thus is born the legend of the Creepy Guy on the Bike.

Why does he only ride his bike, where is his car? A real man, a real American would have a car to support the war and the President (when I post blogs that are silly I don’t need to refer to him by his real name: Monkey Boy). He must be a drunk that lost his license or maybe he’s on anti-psychotic medication, whatever the reason, stay away…

Don’t wave at him! I know he waved first, just keep looking straight ahead, maybe he’ll think we didn’t see him wave.

Ah, the joys of small town Virginia!

Dragging to School

Man I don’t want to go to class today, I want to climb back into my warm bed with a cat or two beside me or play World of Warcraft until I can’t see anything else, read Robert Jordan’s new book (don’t actually have it yet, it’s on it’s way via USPS). Anything except school today.

Can’t do it thou, have an assignment due today in Art class, er I mean Psychology… or was it Anatomy. Psychology has too many components… get me to the weird stuff. Besides, the kids from my class can’t possibly take real notes the way I do.

I have to run today to, in practicing for the Race for the Cure on Saturday, but I just don’t want to. Pop a DVD into the PC, cook a pizza, sit back and fall asleep while Captain Janeway saves the Delta Quadrant… is that so much to ask for?

A 4 point o my God, it’s not possible

OK, i finished my one and only eight week class, which I HATED… and recieved an A. LOL

So, my current GPA is 4.0 …. which is sooooo funny.

Donna M and her husband Chris (not M) S sent me an entire box of peanut butter cookies (the best cookie made). Donna’s sister made them!!! WOOT!!! Thank you Donna’s sister… what was her name again? When I get fat and can’t get a husband, I’m blaming U! 😉

Political Hurry – essay 2

Congressional Recess
How long does it take to pass a law in the United States? Depends on how important it is to political careers.

“Terri’s Law” was written and passed into law in less than one week. Terri Schiavo, a brain damaged woman “living” with feeding tube support for 15 years in Florida, truly this example of a personal matter that garnered world attention is a great example. After failing to have a feeding tube reinserted through the court system enough members of the House and the Senate showed up to work on a Saturday the President even cut short one of his many vacations to ensure the measure passed into law. A bitter family struggle fought for years in the court system, instantly gained enough importance, through the spectacle of media, to interfere with the legislative branch of government. They used the federal government to pass a law for ONE individual. That’s certainly an example of “We the People”. Will there be an individual law written for your benefit also?

Looking at the Patriot Act, a measure passed almost immediately following the events of September 11th, you’ll see transgressions that laugh in the face of freedom. At the time political careers rose and fell to those who did or didn’t sign, if you didn’t sign you were “unpatriotic”. In Michael Moore’s controversial documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 a member of congress readily admits “we don’t read these bills”. Was this one they should have found time to read?

Hurricane Katrina path of destruction left countless without homes, health care, food and security, in this instance congress feels it can take a break, Senator Vitter [R – LA] said he supported everything on Landrieu’s [D – LA] “wish list,” but did not believe it can be enacted before Congress left for its recess. Does this make the hundreds of thousand victims of Katrina less important that one woman in a vegetative state?

What about universal health care for all American’s? How about laws to drive down the cost of malpractice insurance? Basic needs across the country have yet to be met: helping the poor, the unemployed, the homeless. Can our government use its time to find alternative energy sources in response to the every increasing cost of oil? Or should the government be focused on individuals?

It’s time for the country to decide what is important enough for our lawmakers to spend extra time on.

The Golden Rejects

The Golden Rejects is the name of the writers group on campus. There are signs all over the school, with quotes from Shakespeare and others; the ad even tells of delicious cookies being served at each meeting. “The Golden Rejects meet in TLC (The Learning Center) every Tuesday night from 6 – 7P.M.

Notice the “7P.M.” appears bold, I did that cause it appears bold on the ads. Last week, I arrived for this group at 7… but alas, twas not to be. Further examination spotted the ordinary 6 before the bolded 7. This week, I was prepared and knew I could get to TLC (a.k.a. the library) for the 6:00 meeting of the Golden Rejects.

With 6:00 quickly approaching, I queried one of the librarians where the group met. “This week they are meeting down the hall in room 188.” So off I go, happy to begin a journey with this group of scribes.

The smell of popcorn is overwhelming as I approach, the room dark and dialogue emanates from a movie. There sit five women in the dark a huge bowl of popcorn, and two of cookies in the middle of the table.

I ask, cautiously: “Is this the writers group?”

The answer: “yes, yes” and motion for me to be quiet and take a seat. I reluctantly do.

At least two of the women are popcorn pushers. Even after I had declined to have any popcorn I found a cup sized serving in front of me. “You can’t sit there and resist it while the smell keeps coming at you.” they say.

I began to get frustrated as I’ve traveled four miles on my bike to attend this meeting only to watch a movie. I think, perhaps we are only watching a scene or two to show how a movie cannot possibly compare to a book. I sit, and sit, and sit…

I’ve been there perhaps 20 minutes when another person arrives and asks: “did I miss the meeting part?”

“This is the meeting.” said one woman, “we had to start early cause some of us have classes at 7.”

“I don’t understand.” says the late comer… but the other ladies appear engrossed in the film, trapped in their vegetative state.

Me, I got up and walked out. Never did eat their popcorn… JUST SAY NO!!! Thank you Nancy!

I don’t understand either. Hey, writers should know how to communicate… right? So, if your planning on starting a group early, wouldn’t you want to communicate that to potential members? Let them know “this week we’ll be meeting at 5:30 instead of 6” I could have been there at 5:30.

Or hey, maybe let us know: This week we plan to throw out any pretense of looking at writing, instead we will be turning to movies. One woman will talk throughout the movie saying numerous times: “what the writer really meant was…”. I could have stayed home.

Hey, want to talk about what a writer really wanted to convey? READ a PHQin (sound it out) book.

Want people to come to a writers group? Talk about writing or writers.