The sum of X and 5 less than X minus three to the fourth power…

The feel of sex is all around us as his calloused hands caress my face and the tip of his perfectly trimmed goatee grazes my chin; he moves in to kiss me, his breath hot with a hint of mint. I open my mouth to accept his tongue as it penetrates my willing orifice I am suddenly struck by an algebraic formula that will make this night even better: 2x – 30 = 70 means X=50. Our bodies press together and the night explodes into a canopy of eroticism….

See, I just don’t see where Algebra is going to make a difference in my life. Does your average person use on a daily, weekly, or yearly basis N = P – R + T when solved for P is actually: P = N + R – T? Honestly, when is this information going to be proven useful?

Let us take a look at the rectangle, I’ve recently learned the formula to determine the perimeter of a rectangle is P = 2L + 2W. This information will somehow prove useful in an office environment? Say when you’re filling up the copy machine?

If you need to know the perimeter of a triangle is 180 when decorating your house, honestly you’d be better off hiring a gay guy. When do I need to know that a right angle is 90 degrees?

The truly amazing thing is that I have three more semesters of math, I figured this out with plain old regular math… see I needed 4 Semesters, and I’ve almost completed this one semester… that formula is 4 – 1 = 3 just in case you needed to know.

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