Dragging to School

Man I don’t want to go to class today, I want to climb back into my warm bed with a cat or two beside me or play World of Warcraft until I can’t see anything else, read Robert Jordan’s new book (don’t actually have it yet, it’s on it’s way via USPS). Anything except school today.

Can’t do it thou, have an assignment due today in Art class, er I mean Psychology… or was it Anatomy. Psychology has too many components… get me to the weird stuff. Besides, the kids from my class can’t possibly take real notes the way I do.

I have to run today to, in practicing for the Race for the Cure on Saturday, but I just don’t want to. Pop a DVD into the PC, cook a pizza, sit back and fall asleep while Captain Janeway saves the Delta Quadrant… is that so much to ask for?

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