Creepy Guy on The Bike

I’ve become one of the dreaded neighborhood legends, if you grew up in a small town you know what I’m talking about. There’s that one guy you always see around town riding his bike everywhere, what’s up with that? I imagine the parents warning the children to “stay away, there must be something wrong with that guy” thus is born the legend of the Creepy Guy on the Bike.

Why does he only ride his bike, where is his car? A real man, a real American would have a car to support the war and the President (when I post blogs that are silly I don’t need to refer to him by his real name: Monkey Boy). He must be a drunk that lost his license or maybe he’s on anti-psychotic medication, whatever the reason, stay away…

Don’t wave at him! I know he waved first, just keep looking straight ahead, maybe he’ll think we didn’t see him wave.

Ah, the joys of small town Virginia!

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