So, I’ve finally done it: made my decision to audition for the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington. Last week I attended their rehearsal, and my audition will be in the middle of March. It was a little bit nerve racking, just showing up. They offered me sheet music and to sing along.

It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve attempted to interpret sheet music, I don’t recall what the symbols mean which are rests, how long do the rests last and so forth. But, I think I did pretty good, I did not see anyone wincing in pain near me as I sung. I did not sing during the one latin song, as they had included some pronunciation keys which I did not have before hand.

Anyway, it’s a lot of pretty guys, some I’ve seen in AA. I’ll let you know if I manage to get in or not.

Burning Desires

In AA there is the “custom” and I’m not sure if it’s just here on the East Coast or all over (I don’t recall hearing such things in the Midwest), called Burning Desires. With a few minutes left of the meeting, the lead asks: Are there any burning desires, does anyone feel like if they don’t share they might drink?

Inevitably, some one will raise their hand and start to talk. Now it’s rare that this person has a real crisis. There was one time when someone used his burning desire time to talk about his upcoming birthday party.

Truth be told, I hate burning desires. I find that they usually tend to speak so long the meeting does not get done on time. They are usually very insignificant to whomever might have been sharing and a complete and total waste of my time.