Athletes Elite

I’m tired of Drug Testing scandals on the news, it distracts from the really important stories; like the wax Brangelina baby or a Suri Cruise sighting. Lets decide here and now to do away with steroid testing entirely.

I want to see what kind of monster killers we can breed with drugs for the Olympics. Of course all countries would be able to do the same, lets imagine the super elite athletes in every major sporting event known to man. If steroid use isn’t enough, perhaps we could do some genetic splicing, play with the genes of our children until their skin is as hard as steel…

It’s bound to happen anyway, or just more clever ways of avoiding detection.

Jury Duty

I was called for Jury Duty, almost as soon as I arrived back in town. Contrary to popular belief, financial and job issues are NOT good enough reasons to be excused from Jury Duty.

I arrived at 8:05 or so (yes, I got lost) and stood in the very long line for 10 minutes. Then sat and read The Pilots Wife until they finally called a group for jury selection, luckily I was in that group.

I was the 5th group of 14 to go in, and as soon as we sat down the judge sent us to lunch until 1:15. At 1:15, they were still not ready for us… it was 3:45 before they started to pick the panel. The juror to the left of me, and the juror to the right of me were both picked.

What bugs me is the picks for the jury. The two plaintiffs were black, and there were several juror choices that were black. One of the plaintiffs lawyer and the judge were also black. But the jury was 75% white, and every man that ended up on the panel was white. Maybe its just me, but this hardly seems like a “jury of my peers” to the two defendants. Now I realize, the candidates that were black could have issues that would not allow them to be fair and impartial in the case, but all of them?

OK, it just struck me as odd is all.

The Little Old Lady from Dureya

“Yes, I need help, I’m 86 years old. Could you come put my air conditioner into my window?” comes a crackly voice.

“Excuse me? The association doesn’t do that kind of thing maam.” I explain.

“But it needs to go in there. And there is a bar that is broken too, could you fix that?” she asks.

I take her name and number, call her local city hall in Dureya, PA.

“Why didn’t she call one of her daughters?” asks the secretary.

“I’m not sure,” I explain “I’m just a little worried about her well being at this point. Could you send someone over?”

“And who are you?” she asks “Why would she call you?”

I have no answers to this question… but perhaps she was meant to call so I could get her help… we may never know.


Hi,I’ve probably told you all more than enough, to check my site: if you want to know what’s going on with me… well… I haven’t written anything there in a while… so you can claim you did and still don’t know what’s going on.

I’m temping at the NAHB which is about a 20 minute walk from home. Nice job, nice folks… but only 4 days a week. There are issues there… like the one woman who put together a fax, even made the cover sheet… walked past the fax machine came to my desk and said: “This needs to be faxed to this number (pointing to the number on the cover sheet she made) ASAP.” So, I smile and don’t ask why she’s such a lazy cow.. I get up and fax her two pages. Or the fact that “short-term” means anything from 1 month to 25 years… but I digress.

I’m also working at Olsson’s Books and Records, in DC. Very laid back. I’m pretty sure there are three people (minimum) that don’t like me… I don’t much like them either. I hate when there are author events and the authors and their fans can’t seem to understand what closing time means… perhaps if they hung out in more bars they would get the concept. Remind me, IF I ever get famous, what I hated about book events.

Gary and I went bike riding on Monday, was a little hot but nice. I need to exercise more, but the bike seat is broken and I’m saving cash… and DC drivers are nut jobs (no offense to you nut jobs… er DC drivers).

WHC (Washington Hospital Center) finally called back about the job I intervied for over a month ago… they want me to come in (Monday) and take some tests: Word, Excel, Power Point… no worries. The job is a union job, and I don’t know what that means yet. I would almost rather stay at NAHB if it was 5 days a week.

I was hoping to go to WI this summer for an AA thing… but it just can’t happen in this financial situation. I’ll have to see what else I could do… but winter is fast approaching there so no promises.

No men… as there is no time. The cats are a little grumpy due to not getting enough attention, but when I do give it they are content if only for a purr or two.

I am going to my meeting in Georgetown, and considering getting a sponsor… there are two candidates… don’t hold you breath, I’m very picky.

On Monday, I’ll be contacting Northern Virginia Community College about classes this fall, I need a minimum of six credits to maintain my financial aid. I hope this shouldn’t be a problem… just have to decide which classes I would like to take.

I read: To Kill A Mockingbird for the first time, and I must say it was a really good book. Currently I am reading: Hunting in Harlem which has promise.

OK, its way past my bedtime. I miss most of you (some of you I actually see on occasion)Jamez

Independence Day

Welcome to America land of the free and the brave; where freedom reigns and the hope of a brighter tomorrow is the dream of millions of immigrants each year.

One definition of Independence: freedom from control or influence of another or others. This is a founding principle of our country, our forefathers designed this country’s laws to make freedom from control and influence of others a top priority. This was especially true of religion. The original settlers of this great land came here to escape religious persecution. So in designing the laws of our nation they ensured that this would not be the case for future generations. Our founding fathers also maintained there should be freedom of the press. The First amendment states:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

These words are from our “Bill of Rights”, one of the many things that make up the foundation of laws in our country. The first paragraph in The United States Constitution states that we want to “… secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves …”.

The year is 2006, the elected officials in our once bright nation seek to suppress the press, oppress citizens, and keep out the dreamers.

So if you are a heterosexual Caucasian Christian, Happy Independence Day… To the rest of us, we’d better watch our back, phone records and bank accounts… They are.

Open Letter to the Politicians of the US

It needs to be said and I’m not quite sure why you haven’t figured it out yet yourself. We are a vain country, the most read or listened to news story’s are about Hollywood stars not the men and women dying everyday in Iraq. We spend billions of dollars each year on beauty products of all kinds for all kinds of people. Bulimia and Anorexia run rampant in our nation, skyrocketing above the rates in other nations. A few pounds can make or break a career for some here. That all being said…

Do we really need a politician to run for President of the US who looks more like a nursing home patient than a politician? Seriously Mr Lieberman, its time to give up on this pipe dream. If its truly necessary, we can get you an intern that will do secret things to you… but the Presidency isn’t going to happen. We care too much about how things look here for you to make it to the Oval Office. And Ralph Nader that goes for you too, while you may not look like a Nursing Home victim… Your looks leave a lot to be desired. We wont elect you… consider plastic surgery, please.

Think about this folks, the future of our nation truly lies in how good a man looks. Hell if we put women into the mix, lets just keep the mud out of it ok?

He Returned…

The opening credits and score were a sure bet we were in for a movie that lived up to the name: Superman; both were a salute back to Supermans I, II, III and IV. It truly was a nice gesture. I also think Lois’s crimped hair was a nice salute to the original Lois from the comic books.

Clark, as he is called when not in uniform, came back to earth in a spaceship after having visited the remains of Krypton. Landing in the same farm field he landed in as a child, Martha (Ma) Kent is there to see him, clutching the half naked kryptonian to her bosom.

We also get a little bit of Luthor, stunningly played by Kevin Spacey, who re-establishes his fortune by conning a widowed woman on her death bed. It was a great scene, her family locked out and screaming in the hallway that he was an evil, evil man.

When Superman saves the plane carrying Lois, and others, we knew the Man of Steel had really returned. The crowd (in the movie) went wild with screams, and I myself felt a little misty watching him talk to Lois.

Brandon Roth, as Superman. He had the look no doubt, but could he do it? Yes, he could and he did. His portrayal of Clark was spectacular all the mannerism and gestures were right and sent visions of Christopher Reeves into my head.

There is a big surprise in the movie, one I didn’t expect or know about. Still not sure how I feel about it, but I’m not going to write about it here. I think it was well done.

Superman Returns, a great movie and one I’d recommend anyone to see.