Open Letter to the Politicians of the US

It needs to be said and I’m not quite sure why you haven’t figured it out yet yourself. We are a vain country, the most read or listened to news story’s are about Hollywood stars not the men and women dying everyday in Iraq. We spend billions of dollars each year on beauty products of all kinds for all kinds of people. Bulimia and Anorexia run rampant in our nation, skyrocketing above the rates in other nations. A few pounds can make or break a career for some here. That all being said…

Do we really need a politician to run for President of the US who looks more like a nursing home patient than a politician? Seriously Mr Lieberman, its time to give up on this pipe dream. If its truly necessary, we can get you an intern that will do secret things to you… but the Presidency isn’t going to happen. We care too much about how things look here for you to make it to the Oval Office. And Ralph Nader that goes for you too, while you may not look like a Nursing Home victim… Your looks leave a lot to be desired. We wont elect you… consider plastic surgery, please.

Think about this folks, the future of our nation truly lies in how good a man looks. Hell if we put women into the mix, lets just keep the mud out of it ok?

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