The Little Old Lady from Dureya

“Yes, I need help, I’m 86 years old. Could you come put my air conditioner into my window?” comes a crackly voice.

“Excuse me? The association doesn’t do that kind of thing maam.” I explain.

“But it needs to go in there. And there is a bar that is broken too, could you fix that?” she asks.

I take her name and number, call her local city hall in Dureya, PA.

“Why didn’t she call one of her daughters?” asks the secretary.

“I’m not sure,” I explain “I’m just a little worried about her well being at this point. Could you send someone over?”

“And who are you?” she asks “Why would she call you?”

I have no answers to this question… but perhaps she was meant to call so I could get her help… we may never know.

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