He Returned…

The opening credits and score were a sure bet we were in for a movie that lived up to the name: Superman; both were a salute back to Supermans I, II, III and IV. It truly was a nice gesture. I also think Lois’s crimped hair was a nice salute to the original Lois from the comic books.

Clark, as he is called when not in uniform, came back to earth in a spaceship after having visited the remains of Krypton. Landing in the same farm field he landed in as a child, Martha (Ma) Kent is there to see him, clutching the half naked kryptonian to her bosom.

We also get a little bit of Luthor, stunningly played by Kevin Spacey, who re-establishes his fortune by conning a widowed woman on her death bed. It was a great scene, her family locked out and screaming in the hallway that he was an evil, evil man.

When Superman saves the plane carrying Lois, and others, we knew the Man of Steel had really returned. The crowd (in the movie) went wild with screams, and I myself felt a little misty watching him talk to Lois.

Brandon Roth, as Superman. He had the look no doubt, but could he do it? Yes, he could and he did. His portrayal of Clark was spectacular all the mannerism and gestures were right and sent visions of Christopher Reeves into my head.

There is a big surprise in the movie, one I didn’t expect or know about. Still not sure how I feel about it, but I’m not going to write about it here. I think it was well done.

Superman Returns, a great movie and one I’d recommend anyone to see.

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