The Question On Everyones Mind

“So, Jamez…” they say, “I’ve been reading your blog and was wondering if you’ve been unemployed since January.”

No actually. I haven’t been unemployed all year, well half a day I guess…

Jim started up his own company and I’ve gone to work for him, doing the same things we did at the last place.

Its been very interesting, setting up an office, choosing furniture, computers, supplies. There are so many things you just take for granted in an established company that slip your mind. Who do you get for your internet service provider, what phone plan… it’s been crazy.

Jim is known and trusted by so many clients he just kept on working. Several clients since have asked to have their files, photos, and such transferred over to the new company which is keeping us very busy. The big client from the last job recently divvied up the jobs between the two firms, the old company with three surveyors in the office got 20 properties, and us… with one surveyor, 15, so I think we made out alright.

We’re meeting our financial goals for the company, doing volunteer work for organizations that Jim has been involved with for years and generally having a good time. There are no newsletters, no meetings to renumber all the files (we went alphabetically A comes before B you know), no wet blanket entering the room – ruining the fun.

So things continue to look up, clients continue to come in and if all goes well, it would be nice to hire more people by the end of the year (and according tour our financial plan, we could actually do that soon).

So there you have it, life goes on and not much has changed at all in my life. I pray, when the resentment gets to strong, for that certain someone to get better. And I pray all the time for the people that are left with him, they certainly need it.

In the meantime, I’ll try to focus on the more positive aspects of life and try to let go of some of my anger. So look here to see how we’re doing with the company, our growth plans and any thing else that comes up that’s entertaining.

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