Day of Waiting

This morning when I arrived at work the internet wasn’t working. Everything I do at work needs the internet so it stopped me from doing anything. There was a meeting I usually attend at 8 and it was patchy. I go in early specifically to get things done before the phone starts ringing at 9.

The IT team was on it and spent about 30 minute investigating. While they were at it they soon discovered branches were down across the country that are connected to us. They came up with a fix and soon I was working on a very slow internet… which of course soon crashed. One computer on the second floor was working fine with no problems, which led them to discover the real culprit. Soon after that they got a fix out to all the station and across the company. Took a good 2 hours to get everything settled.

The internet being down put me behind in my personal schedule, I’m very militaristic and follow a rigid schedule. I do the same things every day and get them done around the same time. I like repetitiveness and knowing what’s coming next, it helps me be in the right mind frame and get things done right and efficiently.

The rest of the day at the office was uneventful. I made my calls, got a little sale, sent documents out for signatures and sent out a few emails. I leave promptly at 5, unless the phone rings and I end up helping a customer past 5, but that seldom happens.

Traffic on the way home was normal – which means people drive under the speed limit and drive me absolutely crazy. I try to be patient, but if it gets to be too much I just zoom around them in my little car.

Speaking of my car, the low tire pressure light has been blinking at me… and then it stops. it’s driving me a little mad. I filled the tires Friday with air at the Kroger and that didn’t seem to help. Not sure what’s going on there. Tomorrow I’ll stop and see if they need more air and if they do schedule an appointment to get the tires checked out.

All day I was waiting to get home and play World of Warcraft. Today is patch day for the new expansion and it’s very exciting, new talent trees, probably some new content and just loads of excitement about it. So when I arrived home I sat down in my computer chair, launched the app. I anticipated, and was correct, that there would be a download. So I downloaded that and made a call.

I called Verizon. For some reason I was listed as a ‘member’ and not the account owner on my account. It wouldn’t let me update my credit card or anything else related to the core details of the account. Was frustrating last night. So I got Nathan from Verizon on the phone and he fixed it by deregistering me and making me reregister… which I did. Had to create a new user name and everything, but that resolved the problem. I was on the phone for maybe 20 minutes with him. Ten emails and texts later I was set and my World of Warcraft download was finished.

So I clicked play.

The cinematic for the expansion launched, I’d seen it before but I watched it all the way through. I like the animation and detail in Blizzard’s cinematics. Look it up on YouTube it’s pretty good little video. Most of the Blizzard cinematics are good, check em out if you have the time or desire to spend some time getting lost in YouTube.

Then there was a black screen…. and all the servers are down. UGH

I had neglected to read the notice on the launcher and assumed it was the same as it was from last night advising us that the game would be unavailable from 7:00 PDT to 3:00 PDT… but they changed it… now it said until 6:00 PDT…. which means I’m waiting again.

I half expected this. Most of the time during a launch they have issues and we can’t play, but I always am hopeful that this time will be different.

So as of this sentence I have 1 hour and 59 minutes to go before they think it’ll be playable… and then it’s almost bedtime.

I don’t know why I’m that concerned. When there is new content everyone swarms the new quest givers or areas and it’s hard to get quests done or achieve anything of note. So it’s better to just wait until the weekend and then come on and explore all the new content with less people… some of them will have moved on already.

So as I sat at my computer…. waiting… I thought it’s been a week since I posted anything and I should really do it. This was really a lot about nothing except waiting and whining … which anyone can do. So now I’ll just wait for the game or bed time or both and call it a day.

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