Looking Back

Yesterday I spent some time looking at old posts. I’ve been writing in this blog for about over 15 years now, so there is a lot to go over. There are some stories I don’t recall writing and when I look at them they don’t appear to be something I would write…. like this post on some stories I was writing: Stories I don’t recall those stories and don’t see them in my drafts folder so I’m not sure where I got them.

I do like the short story I wrote, Max, but I think it may be a bit overwritten I’m not sure. The end bothers me some, but it’s a good story overall and I like it. I like the idea of this story The Extractor.

There is this story which is a little odd but has promise, but I feel no connection to it, like I didn’t write it. It’s odd. Or this one which started out so well and then stalled. A lot of my stories seem to stall after a bit, I get bored with them. Sure I have a way to continue them but I get bored and think the reader will be bored as well. I have to find a way to keep my own interest along with the readers.

Most of my writings are about personal things and not made up stories. I write in this blog a lot of recovery stuff, very sternly and strict teachings as I saw them. Work, driving, health, tests, school… a lot of stuff about me and what’s going on.

At the bottom of each post WordPress puts three or four stories that may be akin to the story/post you just read. It’s a nice way to jump around my blog and see what I’ve written and maybe how I’ve improved in my writing.

I wanted to post something today, and this is a cheat cause I’m linking to old stories, but I still count it as a post. 😉

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