Voodoo, Turtles and Magic

My dream last night:

He looked like a Native American at first – his face painted with white stripes, eyes full of crazy, long hair draped down in dreads. I approached him cautiously unsure of why he was there.

He grabbed my wrist tight, I tried to pull away but he just squeezed tighter. He looked into my eyes first – probing for something in me, something he needed. Then his eyes reached to the heavens and he yelled something incomprehensible to me.

He placed a pouch into my hands, smiled a curious smile and before me he started to crumble. His entire body was disintegrating into a fine gray powder. The last to go was his hand that had a hold of my wrist, when it too fell to the ground my wrist was imprinted with a blue gray design I’d never seen before.

The others around me were as shocked as I – this wasn’t your every day occurrence. They came nearer to me and bade me to open the pouch and see what was inside. The pouch was filled with more than it should have been capable of holding – like a tardis, the inside was much larger than the outside.

I pulled out a small white hilt of a blade – nothing there, yet when I grasped it as I would a dagger a ghostly white blade filled the emptiness – I was so shocked I dropped it. A man next to me advised me how to hold it and how I could toss it with accuracy – I suddenly understood exactly how it worked.

Next I grabbed something gray and dark – I held it in my hand. I was unsure of what this was too – a woman on my other side told me it was a rare mushroom, with healing properties that could bring one back from near death. She reached out to touch it but I held it closely in my hand.

Movement inside the pouch drew my eye – peering inside a luminescent yellow moth fluttered out of the pouch and flew into the distance.

“That’s our cue to go” a man next to me said – suddenly I knew him, I trusted his commanding voice and decision as the right one.

I attached the pouch to my belt and followed the man – we were sprinting through the hall of an old castle, I could hear shouts and the jangle of booted soldiers following us.

Suddenly before us was Doctor Strange – his red Cloak of Levitation billowing out behind him. “Stop, you can go no further”

Suddenly I knew what to do – I called out to the undead mentally, reached out and begged them to help us escape.

Portals and pits of ghosts, zombies and wights appeared and reached out to allow our escape – I could see Doctor Strange preparing spells to ward off the assault, but we were already on our own way.

I called out another spell and a gray globe with runes embedded outside it surrounded us – lifting us out of the castle and into the night.

As we left I could hear the faint echoes of spells being cast, the dead falling at arcane might and I knew this wouldn’t be the last time we had to ward off the Sorcerer Supreme.

Our bubble continued on and off towards the coast – along side us ran a huge turtle – it’s speed unmatched. Beak snapping at the air. I smiled a knowing smile – we didn’t name him “Tagalong” for nothing and reached out to enclose him in our magic bubble. Once again our floating globe soared off into the night, leaving our troubles behind.

2 thoughts on “Voodoo, Turtles and Magic

  1. I read your story no safe harbor for children.
    I live north of the whitehall. I’ve been reasearching the predatory sex crimes in the area. Was your predator ever caught?
    Seems to be a serious problem in this area. Crimes against both male and females children seem to be a problem. I believe patterns in my family case mirrors patterns in the other cases invoving figures of authority.


    1. hi Shane. Thanks for reading.
      They did catch the predator, there was a court case and everything – 16 young kids if memory serves. He got 7 years.


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