Vegas with Zanne

I used 4 hours of vacation time on Friday so I could drive up to Las Vegas and see Suzanne.

It’s nice to get away from the office – weird things going on there. I think I finally figured out what they’re trying to accomplish – doesn’t make a damn bit of sense but I don’t think I care anymore – that’s a good indicator that you should get away from the office. (deleted the rest of this paragraph for self preservation)

img_0869I’m not a fan of driving… really I’m not. Suzanne says that it’s “beautiful” and I’ll “love it”. She forgets that I hate driving and don’t look around the sights… I focus on the road and all the stupid people. (here’s my idea of driving still to this day and this is a ten year old story: My Knuckles are White).It also took me forever to get there and Suzanne didn’t understand why… she forgets I don’t speed. So what she can do in a couple hours takes me five.

On my way to Las Vegas I tried my first energy drink – Rockstar Freeze Lime. I’m in love with this beverage.. screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-8-39-48-pmI also suddenly was alive and cared about life and stuff…. it’s like a gift from God… just kidding, there is no God. I love this stuff and it could replace coffee for me.. omg… that’s crazy talk. I tried two other flavors and this was my fav.

I arrived in Vegas after forever on the road – I did take a wrong exit once and got turned around. Made my way to Treasure Island and Suzanne.

She’s my best friend so I felt better immediately about everything. She’s also easily distracted and loves to talk.. and she talks a lot… to everyone… and she’s nice and likes people… it’s awful.

We talked about a little of everything and then went off to see the show. Oh… you might be out of the loop. We went to see 9Electric and Stitched Up Heart. Suzanne is internet friends with two members of 9Electric, one the lead singer a nice guy who told me I looked a little like Adam Ant with my close cropped goatee, Heisenberg hat and Rainbow Dash tank (a gift from Zella that I love). [young goodie two shoe’s everywhere are wondering “who the hell is Adam Ant”] Stitched Up Heart will be one of the bands in Shiprocked – a cruise I’m going on early next year… so it was good to get out there.

There were some other bands there too but I forget the names… all the bands were great.. we didn’t get close to the stage until Stitched Up Heart. We were very close to the speakers and I’m deaf now… the music was so loud that my clothes were reacting to each beat… very cool feeling so even if I’m deaf now I got to experience that sensation.

We arrived back at the hotel around 2 and I was so done… she’d been up longer than me and thought she was going to go out and walk around as she wasn’t tired, but soon she was asleep as well.

I slept in (7:40) and went down stairs to throw away money in the machines. I play Video poker I put in $20, that lasted a while… then it was gone… I put in another $20 (my entire gambling budget) and just two hands later I hit 4 aces… and it was Jacks or Better with special awards for 4 2, 3, 4, 5 and aces… so suddenly I had $116. I played down to an even $100 and called it a day.. Thanks Treasure Island.

I went back to the room… starving and in desperate need of coffee.. Suzanne was still in bed (overnight she was talking in her sleep – woke me up but I have no idea what it was she was saying – as soon as she stopped I was out again). I asked her when she’d be awake… and she answered “very soon” so I knew I had a good couple hours.. lol I went off to breakfast without her, she’s been my best friend for over 22 years… she doesn’t do breakfast like I do so it was ok. After I ate entirely too much at the buffet I went back to the room and she was awake. 🙂

Side Story: I arrive at everything early – always. Suzanne is more relaxed. So for 22 years I’ve been at every destination we are attending together before her. This weekend she was there a good 4 hours before me – she was praying everything would work out for that and it did. It was the very first comment I made after I hugged her hello… “You were at the destination before me”. It was funny as hell. She makes me smile – legitimate smiles (it’s awful lol)


We spent the rest of the day shopping – she talked to every single person in the mall… no… but she does like people and she has this knack for just clicking with people and it’s amazing how she does it (I’m glad I can’t do that, it would be awful – have I mentioned I hate people?)

I dropped her off in near the MGM/New York New York and then headed home. I feel much better about everything (work is still stupid but oh well) and I’m glad I got to spend that time with her.

I do things for her that I don’t for other people – because I can just be me with her. She doesn’t get offended, I don’t have to tippy toe around her about anything she’d doing – we just work well together. When one of us gets rich and famous the other one will be their personal assistant – until they get the other one a rockin’ career of their own… it’s gonna happen, just you wait!

2 thoughts on “Vegas with Zanne

  1. “I tried my first energy drink – Rockstar Freeze Lime. I’m in love with this beverage. also suddenly was alive and cared about life and stuff…. it’s like a gift from God… just kidding, there is no God.”

    Haha, love it! And it’s nice that you have such strong, solid friendship with Suzanne and are only 2 – 5 hours away from one another. 🙂


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