Carpets, Cats and Coffee

The cats aren’t sleeping, I don’t think they are even eating much. When then venture from under the bed or the couch they only do so if I’m in view… sometimes Q wont come out even then. They jump at every noise, they aren’t interested in the windows nor their catnip toys… even the feather (Q’s favorite) is ignored.

There is carpet in every room and closet of the apartment, except the bathroom and kitchen, the cats like this I think. I can’t hear the pitter, patter of little cat paws anymore, so they are both wearing their collars with bells.

I am awakened each night/morning around 3 and then 4 and then 5 by a meow or a scratching somewhere in the apartment. This morning Mouse managed to flip the litter box over… no idea how this happened… luckily it was a fresh box… but litter was in her hair, all over the carpet, all over the kitchen… so I had to vacuum… this was @ 5:30 a.m.

The coffee can’t possibly be strong enough to make up for the lack of sleep that I am experiencing. My sleep schedule is all screwed up and I’m a little cranky.

I hope the cats adjust soon, I need sleep to be ready for school.

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