My friend Debra’s mother became an angel on Friday. While I never met her, if Debra is any indication then she was a truly remarkable woman. I imagine that Debra has the best qualities of her mother: God fearing, loving, beautiful, heartful, thoughtful, caring, selfless, and blessed.

I know Debra’s family has been on the prayer list of several people for a while now, and I certainly hope it continues. Debra and her family will need our support, our love and our prayers during this trying time.

I like to think that heaven is a little brighter now, because of the loving smile of Debra’s mother.

3 thoughts on “Angels

  1. Jamez, yes she did become an Angel. She’s there with all of her love ones that has gone on before her. She’s probably telling them that she’s free of pain & suffering. I can imagine she’s telling them all that her daughter’s took good care of her and excepted God’s will to become an Angel.


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