Universal Law

I was doing my Math homework last night, and I had one of those thoughts: “Maybe math isn’t as hard as I thought it was.”

There are laws written into the universe that activate WHENEVER someone utters anything even slightly similar to this, causing their brain to malfuncition. That’s exactly what happened, I was going along, my problems seemed to come out properly and then BOOM, no idea how to do a question… all of my attempts weren’t even close to the answer.

It’s not all bad, it was one questions out of perhaps 40 or so that I couldn’t figure out, but I have a test today in Math, the last thing I need is doubt!

One thought on “Universal Law

  1. The question was assigned accidentally, the teacher had not intended for us to do it and we did not go over those types of problems in class. The entire class was as mystified as I was.


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