So I bought a bike, a nice one, to take back and forth to school and to generally get around with. School is 4 miles away from my apartment, and it’s mostly on sidewalks. That’s roughly 8 miles a day, which is really good. Today, I went an extra 2 miles (each way) to the post office and yesterday took and unsuccessful trip to the bike shop for about 3 extra miles (each way).

First let me say: there are not enough sidewalks, or bike lanes in this town (probably most towns)
Second: O my God, it’s hard to pedal a bike against the wind, and you don’t go as fast (yes, I know this seems obvious, but I haven’t owned a bike since I was a kid)
Third: “Holy tired thighs Batman!” my legs HURT

Tomorrow more of the same, perhaps I’ll try stretching before I leave the apartment this time.

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