Are There Options?

When I started my first factory job I was 18, I didn’t do too well in school – drinking and drugging kept me out of class and unable to care – and factory jobs seemed the logical choice to feed my addictions. I was fired from a job where I worked at plastic molding injection […]

Weird Funeral Experiences

I read a lot of different blogs and read random things that I find on the internet – WordPress helps by giving me suggestions for blogs that have similar themes ore that are comparable to ones I’ve favorited. I read this blog piece the other day and commented on it: The Wednesday Question: What was […]

Keep It Clean

This isn’t going to be a warm and fuzzy post full of nice things or cute animals… ok, here’s a cute animal…. but after this it really becomes a TMI post and you probably don’t want to continue reading… that was your last chance…

Weird Ol Jamezovich

Sometimes I rewrite famous songs – ala Weird Al … I’ve been doing this for a long, long time. The first song I ever did like this (well that I performed anywhere) was George Michael’s I Want Your Sex which I did as I Want Your Socks and had a laundry basket with real laundry […]

He Hit Her…

I know about the obsession of the mind that affects alcoholics, I know from first hand experience, it can overwrite common sense – it takes liberty with the past and tells you that this time it’ll be different, it promises you’ll finally get that feeling you’ve been chasing so long that’s been just out of […]

An Escape

In 1982 my mother decided to run from her troubles and move to Florida. This run she took us kids with her, which I thought was very considerate of her, in later years she couldn’t be bothered with kids tagging along. We were living on Elm Street in Whitehall WI at the time, I was […]

Getting Around

I’m finally to the point, I hope, where I don’t have to use my GPS every time I want to go somewhere here. I know how the city works and can find my way to most places with little trouble. It’s even reached the point where I am getting to know stupid intersections that I […]

High Results, Bad News

So I tried out a new doctor Monday and she’s alright, mostly I went for a surgery consult (more on that later) but also my high cholesterol medication ran out so I needed some more of that – it’s the only medicine that I really take. I have a history of high cholesterol you can […]

Burning Desire

Apparently we need some clarification! When the chairperson towards the end of the meeting says: “does anyone have a burning desire – anyone feel like they might drink if they don’t share?” That means exactly what it says… IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT DRINK TODAY SPEAK UP WE’RE HERE FOR YOU! Below is a list […]

Misreading People

I’m not very good at reading people I guess. Recently two things happened that I didn’t expect based on how a person reacted with me. When I interviewed for my current job in Arizona I did video (Skype) interviews and on more than one occasion my interviewer (now one of my bosses) leaned away from […]