I have a confession or two to make, women get on my nerves. I don’t date women, so not like they get on the nerves of people who have relationships with them, but they do get on my nerves. It’s something I think I’m supposed to work on and not have an issue with but here I am annoyed with women again.

One of the reasons is when I hold a door open for you or let you go first out of an elevator, because someone instilled in my head that I’m supposed to do those things… and then you go slow as molasses and take your damn sweet time with your friends or take up the whole walking area… hell no, then I try to get around you and you look at me all annoyed, move your ass. It’s certainly not worth me opening the door or letting you go first if you’re going to slow me down even more.

That’s one of the many reasons…

Or like this weekend I was at Pentagon City Mall and wanted some ice cream after dinner, so I walked over to Haagen-Dazs. The line to Haagen-Dazs was 5 people long, but three of those five people were women and its possible that two were together, which is worse than three or four individual women. You just know at a those women have more questions about the ice cream than you thought was humanly possible and if they are together they are easily distracted by one another and offer one another suggestions and, lets face it, they cannot make a decision. So I walked away. One woman in line in front of me is the max I can take for that kind of situation. One woman with 5 children is faster than two women together in an ice cream line – because that woman just wants those children to be quiet with mouths full of stuff

Women in pairs… gosh, that can be bad.

And then there is the woman’s bags. The purse, the other bag and sometimes the other bag… what the hell they need all these bags for I don’t even want to know. But what’s annoying is they let those bags have their own space on the escalator so you can’t walk past… and if you say excuse me, you get the look. If your bag doesn’t know by now that you stand on the right and walk on the left that’s your problem lady. I was trying to explain this to my best friend a few years ago, but with sidewalks and how women just walk in the middle and don’t pick a side… I said “there is a right side and a left side” and Suzanne said something like “it’s all ours, deal with it”. lol

Don’t get me wrong, I love women – to shop with and to have as a best friend and as other friends… but they sure can get on my nerves. πŸ˜‰

ok, I feel better now that I have that off my chest, thanks, yeah I might pay for this post later but that’s ok

4 thoughts on “Women!!

  1. Jamez, I’ll have to admit that on most counts about women, you are right on target. I admit that many — many — of the oberservations and experiences you wrote about are the exact same ones I have pet peeves about. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dreaded standing in line behind a group of girlfriends who are trying to decide if they want the iced pumpkin latte or the macchiato — because the 5-calorie difference between them will either keep them in their bulging spandex or rip the seams. Meanwhile, I’m behind them rolling my eyes, looking for another line to open, because I know what I want. In and out; that’s me. I dislike shopping with a passion. In the malls, it drives me nuts when a phalanx of women hog the walking space. I move left to get around them, they veer left. I move right, they wander right, oblivious to the throngs of people behind them. Ugh. I can go on, but you get the idea. I’m sure in some ways I may have done something that would have driven you nuts, yet in more ways than not, I really don’t fit the mold. I’m right here with you on your observations. — I really enjoy all the topics you write about; I love your insights! πŸ™‚


    1. Susan, I’m glad you keep reading and commenting – I appreciate it.

      I could, and probably will, write a column about what annoys me about men too in just a few days, lol.

      Have a great week.


    2. P.S. If you held the door open for me, I would thank you sincerely, with eye contact and a smile. Yeah. I do that. Conversely, if your hands were full and couldn’t get the door, I would help you out. πŸ˜€


  2. My darling Jamez,
    Wow what a land mine you have created. Some women annoy me and some men annoy me. But I love you and if you open the door for me or permit me to get out of the elevator first, i am always grateful and say so. You are a well-mannered gentleman, please continue to be so.
    Love and kisses,
    Ana Maria


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