Learning by Repetition

In college I took Psychology as one of my classes, I didn’t really have any desire to be a psychologist I was just filling up class space with something that I could tolerate. I only wanted to take English classes, but somehow I had to take math, computer science and welcome to college too… It […]

Can't Teach An Old Dog…

During high school, well probably even as far back as elementary school – I had no desire to learn anything they wanted to teach me. It was boring. Time would have been better spent reading a comic book, watching tv or day dreaming about anything. I wasn’t engaged and didn’t see the purpose of learning. […]

Up In Smoke

Today there was a little mishap with someones lunch and the work microwave and pillars of smoke encompassed our small little office space. It was a terrible tragedy as the lunch didn’t survive The smell in the office was pretty bad though, one of our office mates sneezes around smoke as if someone doused her […]

summa cum laude

Today something very special is happening – my best friend Suzanne is graduating Summa Cum Laude. I had to look up Summa Cum Laude to know what it meant ¬†and I found the following: “with highest honor” or “with highest distinction” I’m incredibly proud of her. There were times when she was studying and struggling […]

Boolean Society

At the 100th Anniversary Convention of the Boolean Society, the worlds most secret organization, the biggest conspiracy of them all is finally revealed. The organizations members with the most clout, money, meet to discuss the history of math and how their vast plan has moved forward over the centuries. It all started with two people […]


Tuesday I handed in my Essay: Congressional Recess, which is about the way our lawmakers seem to waste time, once it’s graded I’ll let you know how I did. At the third draft stage my Professor did say he “hated it.” I love that, I need that kind of honest feedback. I then proceeded to […]

Spring Semester 06

Can you believe the time is here already for me to pick my spring classes? Me either, hell, I can’t believe I made it this far!!! I will be taking the following classes: Math 4 (real Algebra), ENG 112 (that’s writing), SPD 100 (Speech), and PED 129 (Self-Defense). My class schedule will be M/W Math, […]

Saviour's Cookies

In Psychology class we were asked to create an ad that evoked a response, below is my ad: Saviour’s Cookies An sad angel, complete with halo and wings, is on the screen holding a box of Saviour’s Cookies. “Last week ten children died without the heavenly taste of Saviour’s Cookies, don’t let your child be […]

Placement Testing… I hate math

The best news first… it’s over, the placement test is over and now I can concentrate on other things. The results of my English Placement tests are as follows:Reading: Score 92Writing Skills: Score 92now, is that 92 of 100? or 92 out of 1984567? no idea… they say it’s really good thou, so lets assume […]