summa cum laude

Today something very special is happening – my best friend Suzanne is graduating Summa Cum Laude.

I had to look up Summa Cum Laude to know what it meant  and I found the following:

“with highest honor”


“with highest distinction”

I’m incredibly proud of her. There were times when she was studying and struggling when she’d think about dropping a class or doubt herself. But I never doubted her, I’ve seen  her overcome some really big things in life and I knew a little thing like school couldn’t stand in her way.

She is my example time and time again of what I could strive to be if I push myself hard and don’t give up. When I’m about to give up I think of her and know she’d solider on.

I regret that I can’t be there today to see it – I wish I could because I know she’s be beaming that bright smile and radiating that happiness she takes with her everywhere…

Suzanne, congratulations – I’m so very proud of you and will be thinking of you all day long.



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