Saviour's Cookies

In Psychology class we were asked to create an ad that evoked a response, below is my ad:

Saviour’s Cookies

An sad angel, complete with halo and wings, is on the screen holding a box of Saviour’s Cookies.

“Last week ten children died without the heavenly taste of Saviour’s Cookies, don’t let your child be a victim, serve them the heavens light cookie: Saviour’s.”

The angel folds her hands in prayer and we see her fly up to the heavens. Lot’s of organ music in the background.

Of course on the back of the cookie package we’d have to have some kind of warning label about how it doesn’t actually save lives, but I think printing it in Latin would do the cookie’s justice.

Would you feed your children Saviour’s Cookies?

2 thoughts on “Saviour's Cookies

  1. Sounds good but you missed the obvious catch phrase- ” A blessing in every bite”.You’re cracking me up Jamez. Hope all is well. I will try and drop you a line this weekend. Take care!Denise


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